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Search results

  1. OEM+ Illuminated Door Sills - FL5 and Si

    When I traded my DE5 for the FL5, I immediately missed the DE5's illuminated door sills--bright, glossy, and located at the front and back doors. I had my dealership install the FL5 OEM door sills, but they're just sad--dim, orangeish-red, and only available for the front doors. C'mon, Honda! I...
  2. FS - FL5 Camo Vinyl / 2'x2' Sheets / $100 + Shipping

    If anyone is interested in trying their hand at vinyl wrapping in the FL5 camo, I ordered a few extra sheets that'll be ready on Friday--they're $100/sheet ($25/sqft) and each sheet is 2'x2'. Shipping is available, and USPS Priority should be $15-$20. If you need a bigger or smaller sheet...
  3. ISO: Championship White(ish) Vinyl

    I'm now on the hunt for vinyl in Championship White (or something very close) and hoping to avoid the hassle of ordering swatches. Has anyone out there found a vinyl that's close?
  4. DE5 Integra Type S Heated Steering Wheel install in FL5?

    It's now cold outside, and while I could just wear gloves, I'm curious if anyone has tried installing an Integra heated steering wheel in their FL5... Anyone?
  5. Borla ATAK Exhaust for FL5

    Is it just me, or does this exhaust sound incredible? Is anyone else planning to buy this thing? I admit I don't know much about aftermarket exhausts and have spent most of my time and money trying to make my FL5 light up while covering it with stick-on junk... but I think this Borla system...
  6. FL5 Camo Vinyl

    Would anyone be interested in ordering FL5 camo vinyl if I handle the setup/printing/shipping? If so, let me know what size you might have in mind--I can probably get by with 24" x 24" for my needs, but most rolls are 48" wide. It'd be printed from vector art, so there should be no pixelation...
  7. FL5 Camo Digital File - PDF? Ai? PNG?

    This is a long shot, but does anyone around here have a digital file of the Honda FL5 camo print? I can work with any file type. I swear I remember seeing a photo of someone's wing wrapped in Honda's camo, but it's been so long now. I suppose I can remake it, but if I can avoid the hassle...
  8. WTB: 1/18 Top Speed FL5 Resin Car Model in Championship White

    So I know these exist, but it seems like they're hard to track down--anyone have a 1:18 Top Speed FL5 in Championship White they'd be willing to part with? Feel free to shoot me a message!
  9. Will They Rub? FL5 OEM Wheels + 275/40/19 Tires

    I'm located in central Ohio, so we get enough winter that I'll need to put away the OEM tires for ~4 months/year. I want to use the OEM wheels during winter, and get something more fun to use in the warmer months with the OEM tires. The FL5 is the family's secondary vehicle, so it can stay...