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  1. Maryland DWS 06 Plus 265/35ZR18

    I too have the DWS06 all seasons. Amazing all season tire. I prefer these over the stock Michelin Pilot 4S summer tire that this car came stock with. I have run many tire brands and by far my favorite all season brand. Will never go back to anything else
  2. Is there anything strange about the used FL5 CTR market?

    Fun facts Autotrader also lists new and used: 450 GR corollas nationwide 3,933 Corvettes from 2023 to 2024 nationwide 532 BRZ and GR86 nationwide from 2023 to 2024
  3. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    If you install the K&N filter or similar you’ll hear some whoosh and blow off valve noises
  4. MBRP FL5 Valved Exhaust now available for FL5 Civic Type R!

    Weight savings? Please post resonated version of the exhaust weight vs stock exhaust weight
  5. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Had the seat recall completed today. Happy to say everything came out perfect. Such a pleasure not to hear the seat frame squeak while cornering.
  6. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Finally brought my car in for the driver seat frame recall. I taped all of the plastics around the seat and hopefully the dealership doesn't scratch anything.
  7. Where are you getting rock chips?

    Funny thing about this comment, my entire car is PPF’d but not the front H badge and guess what, it has a crack from a rock in it. Seriously, no lie!
  8. Type R’s for sale

    Regarding the picture above of Civic Si pricing, does anyone else find it ironic that this particular dealer is charging for what they call “THEFTSHIELD” :crazy:
  9. Type R owner age?

    Agreed. The most fun and practical hauler of family and Home Depot goods. At least from my experience thus far.
  10. The FL5 Dealer ADM Markup Thread

    I’m so happy for the enthusiasts that prices are coming down. Would love to get one used for my kids when they’re driving age.
  11. FK8 vs FL5 interchangeable brake pads?

    Set of pads installed For 450??
  12. Shifter wiggles like neutral even if engaged in gear

    The one gear that does not like to be hurried on the Type R is 1st to 2nd.
  13. Florida Pre-Owned 2024 Honda Civic Type R (FL5) for Sale

    ^^^^ THIS Its a true enthusiasts car. For those who sweat the details about amazing body control, turn in response, and the workings of the magic front LSD, the Type R keeps the smiles coming!
  14. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Finally was able to take a drive down to the beach today. Been driving the wife’s Pilot for the last two weeks, waiting for the salt to be washed off the road. This car is such a delight. The lively suspension, wonderful shifter/clutch and snappy turn in. I love how the front LSD just pulls the...
  15. Is there anything strange about the used FL5 CTR market?

    Very common for enthusiast cars. I remember within the first year of owning my Shelby GT350 there were 100’s for sale in the used market, typically at a price of a nearly new car. Same with the new GR86 and BRZ, very difficult to get a manual trans car from a dealer but a 100 or so in the used...
  16. Si sits higher on one side.

    Shipping block left in the spring perhaps?
  17. New 2023 Type R owner here with a few questions.

    1. The right side steering wheel controls allow you to toggle through the options 2. loving my Continental high performance all seasons, DWS06 3. If it’s going to rain a lot or snow I put a light waterproof car cover on it. I also fully PPF’d my car
  18. Type R’s for sale

    If this isn’t a troll post, then frankly, I’m flabbergasted at the complete stupidity and lack of awareness