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Search results

  1. CW FL5 Civic Type R w/ Integra Type S Wheels

    I wanted to share some photos of Integra Type S wheels on my Championship White FL5. I recently picked these up from another local forum member and I plan on making them my dedicated winter wheels. The only person that I've seen running these wheels on their FL5 is the "window sticker guy" on IG...
  2. Civic Type R Production Video - After Ownership

    I know that many of us that couldn't wait to get our hands on the FL5 watched this video when it was released. After watching ALBO's latest Spoon video with some clips from this I decided to watch the original video again and it just hit different knowing that the same attention to detail went...
  3. Washington FS: OEM Black High Wall Floor Mats

    Everything sold. Thanks guys! Please delete thread.
  4. Imperfections in FL5 Rear Hatch Glass

    I recently had my car tinted and went with 20% all around. It turned out great but I noticed a small discolored area that almost looked like oil in the tint so I took it back to the tint shop. They were just as surprised as I was so they cleaned the back glass on the outside and found a few more...
  5. Custom DIY WeatherTech Type R Floor Mats

    I'd like to share my first official modification with the community since I think it turned out pretty nice! I always try to build my cars with an OEM+ style and modify it so that certain aspects look as factory as possible. I received my car in the winter and since it's always wet in...