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  1. FL5 Type R vs DE5 Integra Type S | Savagegeese

    Im probably in the minority but the fake exhuast sound never bothered me.
  2. Trade 718 GT4 for FL5? (There is a reason for the madness...)

    Imo no, don't get the GT4 as a daily driver or for the street. Its a waste and complete overkill. I actually want to eventually sell my GT350 and get a GT4 to use as a dedicated track car. Maybe its just me but Im not really a fan using these types of high performance cars for the street. It...
  3. FL5 TCR Race Car at American Honda Cars & Coffee

    Its not. The car is made through JAS Motorsports but even if this was through HPD they don't sell parts to you unless you are part of a race team. Believe me I tried 😅
  4. Aftermarket Radiator Options

    Would highly suggest into considering the venting. I dont think theres any aftermarket hoods for the FL5 yet but when you look at the FL5s theres a common theme that they all have some sort of additional venting to increase airflow. The airflow is a bottle neck on these cars unfortunately Even...
  5. Aftermarket Radiator Options

    Yeah thats honestly about all you can do. I live in Florida too (pretty sure we live in the same area lol) so that'll really be putting the cooling system and whatever cooling modifications to the test come summer time. Im holding off on doing that since I am new to this stuff, so I honestly...
  6. Aftermarket Radiator Options

    The Elantra N, Focus RS, and GR Corolla have the same problem. Only other car that has a similar setup and is able to run without overheating is the Golf R. It has like 3 heat exchangers vs having one like in the CTR. You need an auxiliary radiator and an oil cooler and depending on how much...
  7. Aftermarket Radiator Options

    Why are you saying this? 8-10% is a pretty big jump for cooling. If im doing my math correctly if you are hitting coolant temps of 250F the radiator will lower it to 225F-230F which is actually pretty good. Also the information provided from CSF specifically says that the results are from...
  8. Aftermarket Radiator Options

    Dont really know much about CSF because im not familiar with the Honda aftermarket scene but CSF makes the radiator for the offical FK8 touring car that HPD sells. Don't know how that one compares to the ones you linked though. HPD is really tight about the products on their TC car so I don't...
  9. PWR Radiator Install

    Are you going to get an aftermarket oil sensor installed too?
  10. JSWAN Real Carbon Fiber Center Console

    Isn't the one from Dream the only one thats the official OEM dealership accessory?
  11. Time for Type R - Casio

    Why are you saying that there is a non-existent aftermarket for the straps? The straps for watches can be easily swapped out for something else, are you saying aftermarket straps are not compatible? Is your complaint that the strap is stiff? Some straps have a decent break-in period so it will...
  12. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Yeah I was nervous about the no heated seats because I have Raynauds Disease and my feet are extremely sensitive. Heated seats are a big requirement for me but its been a non-issue for me. The material doesn't get cold like leather seats. The shift knob however.... 😅
  13. Remark Titanium Exhaust

    Hmm interesting, I honestly don't mind it, but in your cabin video it really didn't sound that jarring at all which is great.
  14. Remark Titanium Exhaust

    Did you disable the fake noise in the interior? I wonder how getting an exhaust would affect how that would sound if its still on as far as cabin noise. The fake noise makes the car sound alot louder than how it is on the outside
  15. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    Im honestly in no rush to get one but with how bad the backorder is, would they stop making them and I'd be SOL if I wanted to get it sometime next year or so?
  16. CarbonSixthElement Carbon Fiber Center Console

    Yeah my GT350 has this as well with the dash. Very well integrated
  17. CarbonSixthElement Carbon Fiber Center Console

    The OEM part is stick on too 😅 I was really stoked to get one but after I've seen installation videos I'm having second guesses
  18. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    Wait, your SRT 4 was stolen? Wtf? Going to need a story on this one
  19. Battery tender installation

    I do it on the chasis just because with how the battery terminals are on my Mustang its easier that way
  20. I stumbled across a better aftermarket radiator

    Yeah thats kind of what I was getting at with my other comment PW&R has been proven to work and has alot of real world results. Either way if theres another radiator thats potentially better I'm all ears!