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Search results

  1. FX3D rock guards

    Those who installed these rock guards. How are they holding up? Debating my options and I like how these are adjustable but not as intense as the RallyArmor.
  2. Gauging Interest, SCCA BS Legal Fitment Titan 7 wheels

    What kind of lugnuts did you use?
  3. New Titan7 T-P10 Wheels

    If you don't mind telling us how much $ did these run you? Similar in price to their other offerings?
  4. New Titan7 T-P10 Wheels

    Good seeing another option for B street. I plan on running 275 not sure if the jump to 285 is worth it.
  5. Recall

    Thanks for posting this. Affects my 22 Odyssey.
  6. Amuse R1 Titan Strut Bar (Titanium)

    2k pays for a lot of track time :cool:
  7. Washington Track Starter Pack! Nitron Coilovers / RSR Cancellers / RV6

    When is my bonus hitting my account this quarter? 😂 GLWS!
  8. Gauging Interest, SCCA BS Legal Fitment Titan 7 wheels

    lol autox dorks. I just don't want to get killed in STU.. Or cheat and stay in BS w/ +45 wheels.
  9. Gauging Interest, SCCA BS Legal Fitment Titan 7 wheels

    I like the idea but would rather just be able to order a set myself without having to do the group buy. Apex has an OK option (not my favorite looking wheel) that I may just stick with since they're readily available.
  10. SOLD HEL FL5 Type R Oil Cooler

    Dang I need to pay more attention to these forums!
  11. FL5 Navigation Manual

  12. FL5 Navigation Manual

    There is a link for it on the Honda owners page. Have to add the FL5 to your garage or whatever then the links to request the printed manual is buried somewhere. Have to do it within 6 months of purchase I think it said. Not sure if any truth to that.
  13. Spoon FL5 2024 Collection Drop

    Really like that steering wheel.
  14. FL5 Navigation Manual

    Haha I have no intention of using that lousy nav system. I just wanted the manual. Kind of similar to the build sheet I guess. I almost always use android auto
  15. FL5 Navigation Manual

    Did anyone else request the physical copy of the navigation manual or just me :cool:
  16. Mileage check-in.

    2100 miles. I wfh purchased Oct 2023. So far so good!!
  17. Woo wee..who is using thier fl5 as a daily in the midwest today.....?????.hopefully nobody lol.

    I'm along the Ohio river in Indiana. A lot of rain and now 0 degrees wind chill. Went to grab coffee in the FL5. It doesn't care it wants to be used! Thankfully the rain washed away the brine solution they use on the roads..
  18. Authorized Dealer + Group Buy Announcement! HEL Performance USA FL5 Oil Cooler Kit at Unity Performance!

    Dang disappointed I missed this! Anyone end up backing out? Will gladly take the spot.
  19. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    Going to give these pads a try: https://unity-performance.com/products/ebc-sr-11-front-brake-pads-17-23-civic-type-r-fk8-fl5-23-integra-type-s-de5 Seem like a good balance of daily, autox and a couple of HPDE events a year..
  20. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    Thanks for the heads up I'm gonna see if my schedule allows!