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  1. Those with aftermarket exhausts..

    I fit it in the Si with the trunk open and a lot of towels to keep it from scratching shit up. Probably a good idea to bring a bungee chord to hold your trunk down.
  2. Rear ended at red light by distracted driver. Is it totaled?

    You know how hard it is to find an Si that isn't still on markup? Insurance won't give him shit for the car if it is totaled and then he has to start all over.
  3. **FL5 Cluster in '24 SI?**

    If they can actually reprogram a used cluster that will be a game changer for us in this thread and the other one.
  4. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    Here's what the intake looks like on the Si. It draws from the stock bumper inlet and I have the optional cold air attachment that goes underneath and pulls from the wheel well, but I also removed the foglight cover and put some mesh over the hole to get more air. You guys don't have that so I'm...
  5. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    If it's anything like the Si version you don't have to worry about water, even with the lower piece, since it also draws from the stock location.
  6. Cluster swap

    I don't know, that's just what she was telling me to do. We could always order through them but you pay a bit more due to a 5% tax they add on.
  7. Cluster swap

    Canada store told me it will be easier and cheaper to have a US dealer order it direct.
  8. Cluster swap

    So I found out the part number, from a Honda parts person in Calgary, for the Si cluster. 78100-T38-C03 and the conversion rate is $736 but it's backordered through Honda Japan. Guessing they won't have any extra for a while since they are probably putting them all in cars. I'm wondering if you...
  9. 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T L15CA Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Development

    If anyone has questions about install let me know. I took that stock one off like 2 or 3 times now.
  10. 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T L15CA Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Development

    I've noticed my IAT1 is down to 6 degrees over ambient at speed compared to 9-10 with the stock inlet. Also lets air flow more freely from the intake to the turbo. Might want to look inside the stock one and see how tight that shit is.
  11. 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T L15CA Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Development

    Haven't noticed much difference on sound over the stock inlet. The PRL HVI produces pretty good sucky sucky noise regardless.
  12. Instrument Cluster Lens Replacement

    You might want to try taking off the bezel around the cluster first to see if it can be removed without taking apart half the dash.
  13. Instrument Cluster Lens Replacement

    New lenses are about $12 but you can prob get them cheaper, and the part number is 78156-T21-A01 if you guys need them from Honda.
  14. Eventuri intake available for sale

    https://www.eventuri.net/products/honda-civic-fl5-type-r/ Don't see it for order anywhere but probably the same price as the FK8. $1600 for an intake is mainly if you have money to burn.
  15. Cluster swap

    But you still have the damper warning? This thread is just about swapping to the digital cluster, not the R one. We still need to see if you can use the Canadian Si cluster without warnings popping up.
  16. Type R’s for sale

    Market value? LOL! I bought mine for MSRP a year ago. I don't know how they come up with this bullshit. The magical market value crap ended in 22. With interest rates the way they are and price gouging inflation, all dealers should be willing to blow you to get a deal these days.
  17. U.S. Civic Si sales figures for 2023 = 7,128 units

    I mean when dealers were still trying to mark them up to the price of a Type R last year, they are going to have lower numbers. Manufacturers need to start understanding that sales numbers does not equal desire for the car when their dealers are screwing them out of overall sales.
  18. Good Deal on a BB.

    Dealers are overflowing with new car inventory. I work in an auto complex and pretty much all of them have no room for new inventory, so I'm assuming they are going to have to start making some crazy deals again to clear out space.
  19. Cluster swap

    You have to get one programmed for manual as well so it's not looking for a trans position feed I'd guess.
  20. Cluster swap

    I don't have one, I was saying the Integra cluster is fully digital.