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Search results

  1. Thoughts of a 2022 Civic Si Owner Over the Past Year

    I bought my '22 Si in early December of 2021 for MSRP plus tax, title, tags and a $499 doc fee. It was a little over 30k OTD. The car is stock with exception of a TSP Stage 1 tune which I've been running on Map 1 or 2 and a CTR rear sway bar. The car has been tuned for most of my ownership. Here...
  2. Looking to upgrade Front BOSE separate component speakers

    Hello all, I recently purchased a set of Focal separate component speakers for the front doors in my '22 Si with the Bose stereo. My goal is to use the existing wiring harnesses and not cut and solder new wires for the Focals. I think I found connectors to use for the door mounted 6.5 mid...
  3. Oil Analysis from 2022 Civic Si (11th gen) with 7300 miles

    Thoughts on this oil analysis from Blackstone? Should I be concerned? This was the 2nd oil change at 7300 miles.
  4. Oil leak... on 2022 Civic Si with about 7500 mile

    2022 Civic Si with about 7500 miles. I noticed oil residue near the front of the engine block near were the transmission and block meet up. I sprayed down the area with simple green and hosed off the area. Started the car and let sit for awhile. Low and behold it looks like I have an oil leak at...
  5. OEM Honda parts online catalogues readily available?

    Long story short I recently put Tein H spec lowering springs on my '22 Si and like a fool, cut the outboard CV boot on the stupid lower control arm bracket during the process. I went to my local dealer where I bought the car and ordered a boot kit part number 44018-3k0-h00. I spent the better...
  6. Recent road trip mpg with tuned Si

    My wife and I took a short road trip from Richmond, Va. to Farmville, Va. this weekend in my Hondata-tuned Si. The trip was a mix of interstate and back roads. I was impressed to achieve about 41 mpg over the entire trip. Not bad for a manual transmission "sporty" car!
  7. Factory Shop Manual?

    Does anyone know if Honda has produced a factory shop manual yet for the 2022 Civics, specifically for the Si?
  8. Looking for better front brake pads for a '22 Civic Si.

    Back when I had my '97 GSR, I put Accord wagon front calipers along with Porterfield R4S pads with stainless steel brake lines and really liked the firm brake pedal, initial bite, and overall braking performance. With my new Civic Si, I'm looking just to replace the front pads with a...
  9. Blueridge Parkway Drive

    Enjoyed driving the Si on the Blueridge Parkway on Saturday. The car handled the drive very well but had to behave as I was with my wife. Until next time!
  10. 10th and 11th generation Civic Si Brakes

    Does anyone know if the brake sizes are the same between the generations? I want to upgrade the stock front pads with something with a little more bite like the Hawk HPS or Porterfield R4S. Thanks!