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  1. Phearable Stage 2 ECU tune review

    I have a free Phearable Stage 2 tune that I got with ordering my Hondata through them. They sent me the file a few months ago. If I wanted to get it with the ITS pops and bangs, would I have to reach out to them?
  2. Mileage check-in.

    8,200 miles Purchased 2/18/23
  3. FL5 at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

    I must have been out of the scene for too long but Mugen, in the early 2000's, was fairly conservative with their styling. Now they look like Wings West with super gawdy aero. And those taillights give Mustang vibes... And the single exit exhaust lol...
  4. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    I recorded a quick and dirty video with the mod installed. Just using the ITS setting and 93 octane tune. About halfway through the video I fixed the annoying rattle/buzz (garage door opener 🤣).
  5. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    Is this feature safe? Don't know if I should trust some of the Facebook comments who say it's bad for the car.
  6. RV6 Catted Downpipe and P1039 CEL

    So what is the mechanism that Hondata uses to prevent the code? When I was disabling it, I skimmed over the description and saw something about voltage. Either way, you're preventing an emissions code so you could be technically "evading" regulations. Since the RV6 downpipe has a cat, I'm...
  7. RV6 Catted Downpipe and P1039 CEL

    Don't quote me on this but I'm not sure it will show as not ready. I think what Hondata does is when it sees the voltage dip come from the sensor when the sensor sees not enough emissions (or however it works) it ignores it and doesn't trigger the code. I don't think it disables the sensor.
  8. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    Any update on this? I'd like to get a custom tune on my car but ideally want to have full bolt-ons before doing so and there doesn't seem to be a legit full intake system for this car other than the super-overpriced GruppeM.
  9. RV6 Catted Downpipe and P1039 CEL

    I had the CEL happen twice before I got Hondata and disabled it. Prior to getting Hondata, I bought a 20 dollar OBD2 scanner off Amazon and would clear it. I contacted RV6 and they said to adjust the defouler by rotating it. Problem is, once the DP is installed you can't turn the defouler a...
  10. FL5 aftermarket exhaust videos with soundclips

    No I never got around to making another video. Yeah I had the touring exhaust for about a month before I put on the downpipe. It was a drastic difference. The touring exhaust by itself is very mild. It's like the stock exhaust but amplified by two or so. It's not bad at all, like a 3-4/10...
  11. What MOD's can you do with out voiding your Factory Warranty

    The warranty as a whole does not just get "voided" because of mods. It works like this: If the dealership can attribute a modification done to your car with the root cause of the problem you are having, they MAY refuse to cover it. The warranty isn't voided as a whole. For example: You bring...
  12. Battery tender installation

    I have always hooked them up to the terminals in my cars and never had a problem. What is the advantage of using the chassis?
  13. Jester’s Hondata thread

    I just installed Hondata on mine. Currently just using the 93 octane tune it came with. I got a free Phearable Stage 2 tune that I don't know if I'm going to install on it. Currently just have an RV6 downpipe and AWE Touring exhaust. Even with the fairly conservative tune from Hondata, it...
  14. Question about disabling rev hang

    As far as I know, the whole "voided warranty" conception is either outdated or just wrong. If you bring in your car for a repair and they attribute the cause to a modification you have done, then they will not cover it. They don't completely just void out your warranty. If you put an ECU tune...
  15. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the settings saved on the ECU? So when it gets jailbroken, it's going to lose them entirely? Also, I tried disconnecting my battery to clear a CEL and it didn't reset my settings. I think the ECU has it's own built in hard drive/CMOS.
  16. Downpipe Options

    I have the RV6 and it threw a code about a month into ownership. I bought a 20 dollar OBD2 scanner off Amazon and cleared it. It hasn't came back since. I'm pretty sure all downpipes have a chance to throw a code, it all depends on the defouler and how far away from the gases it is. If it's...
  17. Disable FL5 keyfob

    It's possible that is a 2021 model. As far as I am aware, 2022+ Hondas aren't vulnerable to these attacks. Also, every relay attack I've seen on camera has been the thieves walk up to the front door with signal amplifiers and try to capture the RF from the fob somewhere near the door. These...
  18. Disable FL5 keyfob

    For someone to spoof your signal, they would first have to capture it, so they would have to be within like ~3 feet of you. That code is going to expire very fast so they would have to run like hell to your car to open it. There is also another code that is for starting your car. So this...