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  1. Vito.FL5 Oil to Air transmission cooler install

    Got the engine oil cooler installed today. Didn´t like the kit. Hoses are a bit too small for my taste, and the rub on many sharp edges, I took a lot more work to get it properly installed than I expected. but it is there:
  2. Vito.FL5 Oil to Air transmission cooler install

    Ok. I´m not having a lot of time lately since I have a 1yo girl, and expecting another one for july. So progress is slow. But I took the day today to figure out how to install a generic oil cooler I had laying around. It´s all pre-assembled, but in place. tomorrow I will cut the eccess in...
  3. An in-depth talk about FL5 ECU tuning

    I'm practicing reverse engineering because I have A LOT of requests for this on Porsche and other platforms, and 991.2 use the same processor so not very different even being a continental ECU. I'ts going great, I figured a lot of stuff out, and it feels good not to hit a dead end when you cant...
  4. An in-depth talk about FL5 ECU tuning

    Quick update: Benn working overnight for the past 3 weeks lol. Adding all sorts of custom functions to the code, mostly for fun. But soon will have map switching and a bunch of other features available
  5. VSA Off - Outside of +R Mode

    I got that sort of figured out. It would need an ecu patch, I will test this on the upcoming weeks, if it works I send to hondata for the sake of the Honda community lol.
  6. Type R Untuning itself?

    Pops and bangs need to be within certain conditions to work properly, like exhaust temperature, engine temperature, and also no codes.
  7. Best First Mod for FL5

    Rear sway bar. or just drive the hell out of it
  8. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    For some reason PRL became a frekaing mess. I bought many items with them and it took months to deliver, and still they haven't delivered everything.
  9. CEL code P0234 on my FL5

    Factory exhaust is very restrictive. The turbocharger pre control is all based on modeled airflow through the turbine and out the wastegate, and since all values are modeled and not measured by sensors, if you make big changes on the system, pre controll can be way off, to a point that the PID...
  10. 90's Kid Dream Build

    I have the MHI, it feels a bit laggy sometimes at the track but good for the street. I think I would try the rv660 if I could go back in time
  11. 2023 Civic Si Spring Rates, Motion Ratio, Ride Frequencies, Autocross

    Very informative post, with good information not just bla bla. If you look into the swift springs for the FL5, they are a little bit stiffer than what you considered, but still, very close.
  12. Installed SSR 19x9.5 et38 wheels, need a little drop for aesthetics, suggestions?

    RSR coilovers have nonsense spring rates. I would go with swift, regardless of the budget, or contact RSR to see fi they can change the spring rates to something more balanced. Ohlins OTS coilover has good spring rates also. I like the fact that RSR can work with the stock ADS system but I...
  13. Head to head comparison of “off the shelf” tunes for a stock fl5 coming soon. (UPDATED WITH INTERIM RESULTS)

    Most of the times they are not that smart. Most modern ecu's have flash counters, but not every time the dealer has access to it. Others have tuning protections, others have other forms of detecting tunes or flashes that didn't come from a factory tool. What I can tell is that every form of...