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  1. Which is rear hatchback wiper part I want?

    When the wiper fails to clean on the hatchback, am I looking for 76730-T43-003 or 76720-T43-003 ? Thanks
  2. All weather floor liner

    Tuxmat is much nicer then honda all weather or weather tech. I have all three. And its Canadian
  3. 22 Hatch Wiper blade replacements?

    Rather then replace the entire arm, I'd rather do the wiper blade only Anyone know good part numbers for the 22 Hatch? I see one is 600 and one 475, but not sure of the third Id rather not pay $20 apiece for Part # 76630-T20-A01 or Part # 76620-T20-A01
  4. What did you do to your CivicXI today??

    Install for idlestopper was a 30 minute project with my kid helping, and fairly easy. Pull a few clips and three screws. I had to use the older version of the product since I have LX hatch, but it was simple. The youtube video they have is step by step perfect (except for the part about...
  5. What did you do to your CivicXI today??

    Added an idlestopper to disable that on car startup Amazon glass screen protector for radio display LED backup bulbs LED turn signals Swapped Honda all weather mats for tuxmats (which are much better) installed front/rear StreetGuardian dashcam and hardwired to fuse box Velcro mounted a...
  6. 2022 Civic trunk LED strip

    do you have a link? it looks nice
  7. Remove hatch tail light assembly

    you know what ? RTFM was the right answer. Thanks. I hadn't noticed it there first pass.
  8. Remove hatch tail light assembly

    Thanks for response but I don’t have clips and don’t think this is similar
  9. Remove hatch tail light assembly

    Can someone point me to the right direction to get the tail light assembly removed here so I can swap backup bulbs? Am I unscrewing the star bolt in green? Pulling up on the plastic looking piece in blue? Thanks
  10. Weathertech floor mats for 2022 Civic now available

    The tuxmats were perfect for me . I have the honda mats as well and the weathertech ones from prior model civic. Tuxmats are far better
  11. Hard wiring for dash cam

    Can you post a photo and perhaps draw on it showing where wire came out from top of the wire harness connector and how they went sideways to the glass? Since there does not seem to be an internal routing toward car center, when I do it I cross the compression line from the foam rubber gasket...
  12. Weathertech floor mats for 2022 Civic now available

    Is the 2022 interior any different from 2021 or previous?