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  1. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Looks great! Now that you've moved on to a Hybrid Racing shifter assembly, are you 100% happy w/ the upgrade? Is it worth the money given how good the OEM shifter is? Thanks!
  2. Advice for not snapping turbo/downpipe bolts

    I think I watched a youtube video comparing all the penetrating fluids and Liquid Wrench beat all the others (kroil, PB, wd40, etc) so that's what I used and the nuts/bolts came off no problem on a 4 year old car with 60k miles. Good luck!
  3. A Christmas Miracle

    I dunno. You can get close to CTR numbers for a very modest amount of money. The Phearable 1.5 Si tune gets you 235 HP 285 TQ which is huge improvement over stock, and if you step up to the 2.5 (flex fuel e30), you're looking at 277 Horsepower / 320 Torque. Not bad for what 1k-2k bucks? I...
  4. A Christmas Miracle

    Cool story, and congrats on the purchase! My only comment would be that an Si w/ a tune is more than enough power for the streets. The right tune will make it feel nearly as powerful as a CTR at almost half the total price. Now my question: What is an auto train? Does your car get loaded on...
  5. CTR FL5 Builds at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 (Mugen, Varis Japan, Fujisubo, Blitz Japan, Aimgain)

    Is that thing ⬆ riding on bags or just coilovers set at a ridiculous level? Looks awesome, but no way could you drive that around public roads without damaging the carbon fiber bits. Like 3-4" of ground clearance!? Also w/ so little suspension travel, it probably rides like a board. Love the...
  6. Trade 718 GT4 for FL5? (There is a reason for the madness...)

    I'm here to offer zero meaningful advice. The tough decision I'm facing right now is figuring out how many 'drool' emojis I want to use when saying that your GT4 is a f**king beautiful machine...
  7. Borla ATAK Exhaust for FL5

    The Borla sounds a little better. Probably not 2x better though. The AWE sounds very good.
  8. Borla ATAK Exhaust for FL5

    I've only got a FK7, but man I love my borla. I got a smoking deal on an FK8 borla and slapped it on my FK7. (Facebook marketplace... Keep an eye open!) It came with swappable plates to go from relatively closed to wide open (atak). Sound was amazing in Atak, but then I got a catted...
  9. Lane Keep CTR

    My theory is this happens every Nov-Mar. The low sun angle and long shadows play havok on the system. My lane keep works great in the summer, but it just started acting terrible recently. Same thing happens every year, for me anyway.
  10. OEM exhaust with black tips?

    I use hi-temp flat black spray paint on my tips. Occasionally a very small piece will chip off exposing the chrome underneath and I'll have to hit it w/ a quick spray. Usually occurs when I'm washing the car. Advice: keep high pressure washers away. lol
  11. Integra Type S vs. Civic Type R race: 0-60, Quarter Mile, Handling (Lateral G's) -- by Edmunds

    Ahhh, they ran both apparently. This was from 6 mos before the DCT.
  12. Integra Type S vs. Civic Type R race: 0-60, Quarter Mile, Handling (Lateral G's) -- by Edmunds

    It was the 6-sp manual. Too inexperienced? Me? LOL ... It appears to be the Edmund's drivers that are the inexperienced ones, because the twins should not be running high 14's. Prep or non-prep, launch control or no launch control, those times are silly slow.
  13. Integra Type S vs. Civic Type R race: 0-60, Quarter Mile, Handling (Lateral G's) -- by Edmunds

    I guess I was referring to the 1/4 mile times that they got in the 14.6-14.7 range. I would've expected 13's especially with those trap speeds, which were impressive. Even w/ the lowly Elantra N, they were able to run a 14.2. Does not compute.
  14. Integra Type S vs. Civic Type R race: 0-60, Quarter Mile, Handling (Lateral G's) -- by Edmunds

    Not the most impressive numbers. Think I'll save the $50k (!) and keep my tuned civic, which is probably just as much fun on the streets as these overpriced bros. Cheers!
  15. Illinois FS: 2023 Boost Blue Type-R Tastefully Modded Inside & Out 50k!!!

    I think Dougie D's website has exorbitant fees, but maybe the buyer pays them!? Either way, I suppose they bid less to offset, meaning u get less money. FB is just a great way to attract scammers w/ fake bank checks. Have you checked selling to carvana or carmax?
  16. Illinois FS: 2023 Boost Blue Type-R Tastefully Modded Inside & Out 50k!!!

    Put this beauty on Cars and Bids. I want to watch that auction. GLWS.
  17. Don't be this guy!

    I saw that ZO6!!! 😍 🥰 BTW, you have a great voice for radio. :)
  18. Unwanted attention

    I am in this camp. Shoot, I even leave my car running in parking lots often b/c no one stupid enough to steal it is going to be smart enough to know how to drive it.
  19. Coming from an Elantra N

    Nice write up! I want an Elantra N. I test drove one 6 mos ago. They wanted 31k used, and offered only 14k on my trade, so after taxes and trade, it would've cost 20k to upgrade. It's a great car, but there is no way in hell it's $20k better than my Civic. You nailed it, the N is pure...
  20. Civic Type R vs. Porsche 911

    I completely understand the sentiment and conclusion of this review. I've heard many a YouTube car reviewer conclude that new cars with 400+ hp are straight-up dissatisfying when it comes to driving on congested, real world roads. In a small way, I even experience it in my lowly Civic Sport...