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Search results

  1. Considering these Forged type r wheels for my car

    It's a good looking wheel. Would certainly consider it if I wanted new wheels.
  2. Illinois set of 4 OEM PS 4s 9/32 Tread used ONLY during engine break-in

    Great deal. These tires go for $1,500-$1,600 brand new on Tire Rack. GLWS.
  3. Canadian dealer asked what colour Type R I want

    Fast and furious hashtag 😂
  4. High pitched noise with Ram Air Pro Ram intake

    Interesting. I had an 06 STi and the induction/turbo noise became very noticeable with the addition of an aftermarket intake. On the FL5, you will experience enhanced induction/turbo noise from any modification to the factory intake system - this includes a drop-in panel filter. The tone...
  5. High pitched noise with Ram Air Pro Ram intake

    That's normal and should be music to your ears. You'll find it more pronounced when it's cold(er) outside. You owned an STi, you've never heard this before?
  6. Rchive- An FL5 ownership journal

    There's always a method to your madness! I know you'll post photos and share your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing and reading about them.
  7. Rchive- An FL5 ownership journal

    I understand your dilemma. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone given the limited options for your use case. I agree the stock wheels are a solid option. I would say the same for the OEM accessory wheels. Good job Honda. From your list above, #3 is right on and key for me. The FL5...
  8. Tire Sizing for 19" Wheels

    Not that I can recall. Hopefully some folks will chime in who have gone up in size.
  9. Tire Sizing for 19" Wheels

    If memory serves me correctly, @jayson415PR ran 275s, lowered, and on a similar offset with no reported rubbing. Send him a PM or search his old posts.
  10. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    The A1 Maintenance Minder came on last week at 651 miles and I had the oil changed this week. The Carbon fiber wing will also be replaced under warranty due to a clear coat issue.
  11. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    Just go ahead and get the GruppeM intake. ;)
  12. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    Thanks for sharing this video. I like the look and design of the Blitz/GruppeM intake.
  13. C&D Lightning Lap 2024: The Hottest Cars on America's Toughest Track

    You can't. Cup2s are available through Honda dealerships. Here is the part number 42751-MIC-175.
  14. C&D Lightning Lap 2024: The Hottest Cars on America's Toughest Track

    Car and Driver finally published their popular Lightning Lap series for 2024. If you're not familiar with this series, each year since 2006, C&D takes to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) to judge cars by nothing more than their lap times. What's great and most interesting about the series...
  15. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Nice work. What gets this setup to an "A"?
  16. PointByPatrol #9243 Build Journal!

    Wow, you're going all in. I see you added valvetrain. Do you plan to add 4 Piston Racing's camshafts as well?
  17. FL5 Type R vs DE5 Integra Type S | Savagegeese

    I'm with you on this. It doesn't bother me either because there's a simple fix: place the Engine Sound in Comfort. I believe it at least eliminates most of the artificial engine noise.
  18. Is there anything strange about the used FL5 CTR market?

    There's nothing strange going on. It's basic economics. What you're seeing is an outgrowth of supply and demand. There are simply more FL5s being produced and shipped to North America in the last few months than this time last year. The demand has also slowed a bit for several reasons. Many who...
  19. AWE Track Exhaust

    I appreciate the honesty. After spending over $2K, it's easy to parrot the same "absolutely no drone at all" talking points.