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  1. Plug and Play Homelink Mirror for FL5 -- 1 Hr Install

    UPDATED WITH INSTALL: Sorry guys for the delay... was not feeling too well over the past few weeks. Install was rather easy and the instructions make it look harder than it was, literally took 1hr to do from start to finish. Anyways on with the install pictures:drive...
  2. Frankenstein A/C vent trim update with Si Red Trim Ring

    Ok I have been wanting to do this for a while since I think that the FL5 and Si got some parts mixed up as far as the interior trim accents go ( at least IMO :wave: ) So I liked the fact the when the FL5 was introduced that they went away from the gloss trim that was around the A/C vents and...
  3. Engine bay side covers

    Decided to try these out and see if they would fit.. they did but need a little work in the front areas to make it fit properly around the air inlet. Quality is on par with the Euro Civic covers that were available for the 10th gen Civic ( even though these are not an OEM part… can’t beat $45...
  4. JDM Honda Access Interior LED Door Lights and Center Console Lights installed.

    Spent the good part of the day installing the Honda Access LED light kit's on the doors and center console... turned out pretty nice :thumbsup: Now on the other hand install was a Pain in the Ass!! the wiring and finding the correct wires to tap into.. and while I was in there ripping everything...
  5. PRL FK8 Catted Downpipe FL5 fitment confirmed. First impressions

    Well messed around and said F' it and put the PRL FK8 GESI Catted downpipe on the FL5 today.... and low and bold it fits:thumbsup:... ..front pipe .. that's a whole other issue :rofl: Took about 2hrs to install from start to finish. So much easier to install than the FK8, the FL5 has tons of...
  6. Drop in K&N filter available for FL5

    Looks like there is a drop in K&N filter available for the FL5. Going to install this tomorrow to see how much $$ I wasted :wave: K&N part# 33-2454 costs about $64.95 MSRP. But can be found for around 45$
  7. Lowered my Sonic Grey FL5 Civic Type R on H&R Springs, 19" SSR GTX01 wheels, 265/30/19 Nitto INVO tires

    Did a few updates to the FL5 this past few days.... :wave: Lowered the car on H&R Springs and added some SSR GTX01 19x9.5 38mm offset wheels with 265/30/19 Nitto INVO tires. Car rides so much better than it did with the OEM Suspension..:thumbsup:
  8. FL5 Alcantara Shift Boot Installed

    Was able to get Overland Designs new Alcantara Shift Boot for the FL5 ... well since the OEM JDM option isn't readily available "yet":hmm:. Overall quality of this item is so much better than the USDM factory boot it isn't even funny!
  9. New OEM parts arrive for (and before) my FL5

    Christmas came a little early this year... actually earlier than the car did too :rofl: Placed an order for this with the brother-in-law the day the parts catalog was released in Japan ... and the slow boat finally showed up today.👀 I will say one thing for those of you that are looking to...