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Search results

  1. Activating wireless CarPlay/AA on a non-equipped car?

    Found this hiding in the FL5 part of the forums https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/wireless-android-auto-activation.51929/ Has anyone tried this on the base models that aren't specced with wireless CarPlay from the factory?
  2. FL5 OEM 19" Wheel Paint Code

    Does anyone know what the paint code is for the FL5's oem black 19" wheels? I know the FK8 used Berlina Black from the S2000 and NSX.
  3. American Friends - what is the FL5 OEM 19" Wheel cost?

    Bonjour from the FK8 side. I love the look of the regular 19" oem FL5 wheels. Up here in Canada-land, they retail for ~$1000 CAD each = $732 USD. The forged wheels are $6200 CAD for the set. I know the forged wheels are available for less on the CollegeHillsHonda website - but does anyone...
  4. Production Woes For FL5 Civic Type R (due to supply disruptions at Japan plants)

  5. Honda Sensing Gen XI User Reviews?

    Anyone upgrade from the X gen to the XI, and have some review on the new and improved Honda Sensing hardware? I'm curious how the new camera (without radar) performs. Thanks!