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Search results

  1. New High Efficiency Downpipe for 2.0L Turbo || Two Step Performance

    Can anyone with the catted version of this downpipe give their impressions of exhaust smell after long time ownership. I have never gone aftermarket with a downpipe and am a bit concerned about how long the catalytic converter will hold up before it starts to wear out and stink. Also have you...
  2. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Thanks for the discount code tip
  3. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    What was the best price you were able to find it for/from where i have been considering this for my next upgrade
  4. PRL High Volume Intake Preorders Open 11am CST!

    Does anyone know what filter is being used in this intake? I know it is this one from prl, but does prl themselves outsource these? The reason I'm asking is because in another thread on this forum people were comparing the filtration performance of aftermarket drop in filters ie. The Sprint...
  5. Rear seat pet liner

    Sorry if this isn't useful as I did not try the seat cover you mention in your post. I did however order 5 separate back seat pet covers of various sizes and designs to try in my type r. The one that fit the best is as follows (pet cover) and is nice because it also covers the door panels and...
  6. PRL High Volume Intake Preorders Open 11am CST!

    been waiting for this I think my wallet gets a bit lighter today
  7. New Titan7 T-P10 Wheels

    Chalfont, what about yourself are you in PA? Most of the owners on the forum from PA seem to be closer to the Pittsburgh area
  8. New Titan7 T-P10 Wheels

    Those look fantastic i have the t-s5 18 inch +45 and they seem pretty robust i have hit some decent sized potholes during this Pennsylvania winter and no bends or cracks they were way lighter then the stock rims too i was shocked how much difference there was in weight when i swapped them out
  9. Aeroflow Dynamics titanium exhaust

    Are there any out there currently that aren't using slip fit piping with those clamps?
  10. What about the FL5 do you regret?

    No real regrets about the purchase but as no car is perfect there are a few things that took getting used to and I didn’t see mentioned in reviews. One thing is the seat which is amazing once you are in them, however due to the extremely high bolsters even with the steering wheel set as high as...
  11. Aeroflow Dynamics titanium exhaust

    What other ones have you been considering I'll check those out?
  12. Aeroflow Dynamics titanium exhaust

    I haven't seen many options for full titanium exhausts yet for the fl5 and as far as I am aware none of the ones currently on the market maintain the oem+ look of the triple tips. I happened to come across this one from aeroflow dynamics on a youtube video yesterday that looks like it will fit...
  13. ITS ADS Module Availability

    I ordered mine from https://www.acurapartsforless.com/ and after about three or four months of them having it backorder I just received it last week so who knows they may have gotten a shipment and have a few left in stock where you wont have to wait.