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Search results

  1. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    Has anyone bought the ITS ADS module from outside the US? I really want one but with the reported delays and the need to use a frieght forwarding service it sounds risky.
  2. Road trip in the FL5, GR Corolla and M140i

    Just got back from my first proper road trip in the FL5 with friends in their GR Corolla and M140i. We covered over 600km (372 miles) over the weekend through Australia's Snowy Mountains and Snowy Valley. In a country of terrible roads, these were some of the best I've experienced. There was...
  3. FL4 Boot well Liner

    Looks nice. Might have to get one of these eventually.
  4. Kakimoto Racing (柿本改) Class KR Exhaust

    Nice one. I'm tempted by this but it's hard to find more details. I wonder what the general consensus is about the best sounding exhaust for the FL5? They all seem to have their merits.
  5. Alplus Aero Guards - Another Solid Fender Solution

    I can vouch for this product. Super high quality. This was from driving around in crazy weather this past week. You can see that they do a great job and look great as well in my oppinion. They also offer a carbon version for $100 more which seems very reasonable.
  6. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Oh man. So sorry to hear about this man. For what it's worth, I've been on the forums of previous cars I've owned and no matter what the car there are stories of engine failure. A friend of mine blew his stock 86 and had a full engine replacement. Just seems to be a percentage of any car can...
  7. What is a good first mod?

    Great advice. I've had mine for a year now. Put my deposit down when there was only camo footage of the CTR on the Ring and was plesantly suprised that it turned out to be an epic car. I feel like the one thing after a year I'd like to change is a performance filter for more noise, exhaust and a...
  8. What is a good first mod?

    Thanks for the suggestions. LED blinkers etc is definitely going to be my next project then air filter but I might stop there and get help with more serious mods.
  9. What is a good first mod?

    This is great advice and what I needed to hear. I guess it is making it my own and being able to contribute to discussions at cars and coffee meets. Your advice confirms my hunch that it's better to rely on those that have experience and built a career around working on cars. Finding a good...
  10. What is a good first mod?

    Wow, thanks so much for all this advice. This is really good to hear. I guess the main driver is to make it my own, but I can do that with some of the simpler mods suggested and new wheels/wing when the budget allows. Really appreciating the support on this thread. Great to see people genuinely...
  11. Where are you getting rock chips?

    I have one on my front bumper, one of the roof right near the windshield and two on the drivers side door (came through the vent before I installed the vent guard aargh). They are literally all from one drive on the freeway where they decided to resurface the road. It was covered in loose...
  12. What is a good first mod?

    Yes to all of the above except brake fluid flushes. Never attempted that. Aside from that I've helped a friend swap out his springs but really just lending a hand rather than knowing what I was doing.
  13. What is a good first mod?

    I love cars and my youtube history is dominated by car modding and racing videos, however I've never attempted a serious mod myself. Does anyone have any advice on where they started and what is a good first mod that can't go too wrong? My CTR is a keeper for me and I want to get into working...
  14. Where are you getting rock chips?

    Totally agree. I had PPF on my wife's car and it hasn't impressed me that much. Sure it's protected from stone chips but it was crazy expensive to, the car was with them for a week and there were bubbles and imperfections. We went with the most reputable detailer in our town but it still wasn't...
  15. I got the FL5 a little friend!

    Looks super nice. I've always loved them. Nice choice
  16. Opinion on Varis ARISING-1 Evo Carbon+ GT Wing

    Couldn’t agree more. I think a square wing really finished off the FL5 well. I like the rear view but it does look a little too curved and this totally fixes it IMO e
  17. Opinion on Varis ARISING-1 Evo Carbon+ GT Wing

    It’s hard to get any detail on the GT wing. Does anyone know if it uses the same holes to install?
  18. Opinion on Varis ARISING-1 Evo Carbon+ GT Wing

    This is nice. Definitely going to consider this along with the Spoon swan neck
  19. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    looks great. Thanks for sharing.