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Search results

  1. 2025 Civic Specifications (Canada)

    Hi all, looks like Honda Canada quietly posted 2025 specs for the upcoming 11th gen model refresh about a month ago. Special thanks to reddit users Med1011998 & PNF2187 for digging up the specs and sharing (Honda Canada Corporate links posted below). Keep in mind that these are Canadian models...
  2. Lower Bumper Part Number?

    Hello all, I was wondering if this lower bumper part has its own part number (and if it's even removable from the bumper itself). I'm talking about the color matching strip of plastic shown in the photo. I was looking on some Honda parts websites on it seems like it is not a separate part. Maybe...
  3. Online parts availability?

    I tried looking up OEM parts and part numbers this weekend from sites like www.hondafactoryparts.com, honda.oempartsonline.com, and hondapartsnow.com, but it seems like barely any parts are listed. Do anyone know of a site or a resource with a full set of parts?
  4. Similarities between Civic Si and Acura Integra adaptive suspensions

    Hello all, I’m in the market for a new Civic Si, but my problem is that there aren’t any available for test drive within 200 miles of me. I checked for the new Integra and I’m in luck, there’s one available on the lot at my local Acura dealership. Hopefully it won’t be sold by the time I attempt...