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  1. Michelin Sport Cup 2 Tires

    I had the standard PS4S on my FK8 and I was happy at how supple and quiet the ride was. However the turn-in response was slower and more rubbery than the Continental SportContact 6. The FL5 OEM PS4S in comparison rides rougher than the ones on my FK8 but they're also sharper turning. You would...
  2. FL5 Track Considerations

  3. FL5 Track Considerations

    Damn, I could have sworn I saw some cross reference that they were equivalent but I went and looked at the box and it says Pad Material: Ferodo 4495 on the box. Maybe I was hallucinating. I did some googling but I don’t know what that’s equivalent to.
  4. Random first-day impressions...

    It doesn't exactly "learn" from your habits. What's happening is the damper behaviors are software-defined, updated many times per second. There are accelerometers monitoring G-forces, position sensors that know what the wheels are doing, steering wheel input, and all that goes into an tunable...
  5. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    Nono, sorry for the confusion. I went in willing to pay $1000 over, and eventually we settled on $1200 over.
  6. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    Yes I agree with this. You (OP) have to be ready to commit to buy "now." So pre-decide on what you can commit to, whether it's MSRP only or +2000 or whatever, and then you can tell them, "I'm willing to pay MSRP + xxxx. If you do that, I'm willing to buy right now." That's pretty powerful and...
  7. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    It's because we have a pretty big crowd who are into cars want to buy the Type R. Can't fault us for that. It's basic supply and demand, unfortunately. :( HOWEVER, there are good deals to be had. Don't give up! When I was hit with a bunch of BS accessories, I basically looked at the paper with...
  8. Extremely concerning data sharing by Honda and other makers about our driving with insurance/LexisNexis

    Rare good news update in the case of GM: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2024/03/gm-stops-sharing-driver-data-with-brokers-amid-backlash/
  9. FL5 Track Considerations

    I would suggest that even stainless lines are not needed. I've owned multiple cars with and without such lines and there's not enough difference to matter. Certainly not one that matters to a beginner. As Point By says, stock pads are totally fine as they are decent Ferodo DS2500 pads from the...
  10. Willow Springs - Big Willow (1st time tracking Type R FL5)

    Sorry I meant to ask what club did you run with?
  11. Extremely concerning data sharing by Honda and other makers about our driving with insurance/LexisNexis

    Here's a podcast episode where the author of the article goes into the details. https://overcast.fm/+oIe_S3l64
  12. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    Holy shit. That you posted this means you're alive, and that's all that matters. We're glad you're ok.
  13. Can 3-seat rear bench from Civic hatchback be fitted to FL5?

    Just to go back to the question on why Honda would remove the center seat, just my opinion, but I think it partly has to do with suspension design and tuning limitations. The main thing is that as you adjust spring rates, you're trying to balance the static ride height with different loads along...
  14. Questions for the K20C1 engine experts here.

    True, but oils and engine fundamentals haven’t really changed that much. FK8 owners had this same discussion in civicx.com and the Honda dealers 5 years ago said the same thing—don’t bother changing the first time until the oil life is down to 20%-15%. I used to change my oil every 3000-5000...
  15. Questions for the K20C1 engine experts here.

    Additional data point on not doing the first oil change too early: http://www.urvi.net/forumfiles/SN/A060800.PDF See page 4 where Honda says:
  16. Extremely concerning data sharing by Honda and other makers about our driving with insurance/LexisNexis

    I thought it was as simple as that too, but using HondaLink means you have to say yes to data sharing. After that, if it's like what GM does, Honda is potentially sharing details of every drive you take with insurance compaies, like accelerometer data of how hard you accelerate and brake and...
  17. Extremely concerning data sharing by Honda and other makers about our driving with insurance/LexisNexis

    Sorry if this is a respost, I didn't see any other posts. This article raised alarms for me and explains why the dealer was hassling me to sign up for the HondaLink stuff, which requires consent to data sharing...
  18. Roughness on initial takeoff

    To clarify, I meant that the output of the engine through the drive shaft acts upon the front wheels and so part of what the steering feedback contains is the various forces acting on the knuckle. The most common example would be torque steer. You might be right, and maybe I don't recognize...
  19. Roughness on initial takeoff

    A couple of things to keep in mind--First, a RWD car like the S2000 doesn't have a direct mechanical connection between the drivetrain and the steering in the way an FF car does. An FF car has driveshafts and traction forces operating through the front wheels, so what you feel in the wheel is a...
  20. Well, I bit the bullet, and got the Wheels

    The good thing about these Honda wheels is they're designed and tested to OEM levels of durability and strength. Something that comes in handy against the inevitable pothole impacts. That might be part of the reason some other brands are lighter.