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  1. Driver door panel starting to poke out when closing the window

    I tried looking for a thread relating to this for the FL5, but did not find one. The "its just a civic" gods have finally baptized me with the door panel cave-in issue on the driver's side door. Just started this morning. I knew to look for it when I park because while I was driving on the...
  2. FL5 Remote Start feature??

    I just got around to downloading the HondaLink app and pairing my car to it. Towards the bottom you can find your remote commands. I’m showing the little spinning arrow that says “start” and another that says “stop”. When I press “start”, the app attempts to run a command for less than a second...
  3. US Servicemember tries to get FL5 for five-finger discount in Japan and crashes Type R

    Failed attempt by a fellow yank to get the FL5 as close to MSRP as possible. Maybe next time bud https://www.thedrive.com/news/us-servicemember-allegedly-stole-and-crashed-a-new-honda-civic-type-r-in-japan