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Search results

  1. California For Sale - Bride Zeta IV - Gradation / Super Aramid Black Carbon Fiber

    I paid $2,018 for this at Evasive Motorsports. I'm selling it for $1500 since it's collecting dust. No issues with the seats. The Tesla has a new Recaro seat now but will go back to stock form so I can use it as a daily driver. I need some money to mod the type R. I am also willing to trade...
  2. Willow Springs - Big Willow (1st time tracking Type R FL5)

    I had an incredible experience at the track this past weekend with the Type R. I was pleasantly surprised by its performance, as it managed to keep pace with high-end cars like the BMW M's, BMW Z4, Porsche, and Corvettes. This marked my first time tracking the car on this specific circuit. The...