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Search results

  1. WTB FL5 ADS

    I know quite a few folks are swapping out their ADS for the DE5 one, interested to buy your FL5 one if available!
  2. Suspension Setttings for Auto-X

    Was wondering what mode people are Auto-Xing in with their FL5s? I have the ITS but was wondering if it's worth swapping in the FL5 ADS for events if you are running Sport+ regularly. Not worth it if like on track you are dialing it down to comfort or Sport though. Our site is very clean by most...
  3. Autocross Cold Tire Pressure

    What is everyone running as their cold tire pressure for Auto-X on the stock tires? Was going to start around 38psi front, but wanted to see if folks are leaving the rears at stock pressure or bumping them up a bit as well, or going as high as 41 in the front like is recommended for high speed...