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Search results

  1. Trans Fluid - when to replace?

    Currently at 12k miles on my type R and wanted to get the consensus for when to change out the trans fluid? I've done 2 track days and then besides that, just normal commuter driving with occasional spirited weekend drives. Reason for asking, I have found recently that the shifting isn't as...
  2. wiper movement on startup?

    Does everyone's FL5 front wiper move slightly when you turn the car on? Talking about a very minor movement.. curious if this is normal or not. Thanks
  3. Enkei Triumph 18x9.5 et45

    Just some initial pictures after finally mounting these. Tires are 265/35/18 Michelin pilot all seasons. These will be my DD setup, OEM setup will be for the track. Wheel/tire combo weighs 49.3lbs for anyone curious. Will get some driving impressions and better pictures later this week.
  4. 1st to 2nd Rev Hang

    Anyone notice that the 1 to 2 shift has a little more rev hang than the other shifts? I feel like I need to take longer then usual with the shift to get it to be smooth
  5. Fitment Advice -18" DD Setup

    Hey Y'all, I'm looking forward to taking delivery on a CTR in the next few months. Living in the New England area, I'm currently considering getting a daily driver 18" setup to be better suited to my normal day to day use, increase overall ride comfort, and to add some all-season tires that can...