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  1. For Sale MN. 0 Miles on new OEM Tires

    Just moved to classifieds, thanks
  2. Minnesota New Set of OEM PS4 tires for Sale from MN

    I have a new set of OEM PS4 tires that were swapped At Delivery for All Season Tires. 0 miles or whatever it was when it came off the truck. will sell all for $850 plus shipping or you can pick up in MSP. in bags from dealer and can provide Pictures from where there being stored. PM me if...
  3. How to clean and get bugs out of inter cooler from Highway Driving ?

    I know this has been brought up before and apologize for asking again. Any good way to clean all the dead bugs off the inter cooler from summer driving. I am getting most out from washing, but not all. thanks.
  4. For Sale MN. 0 Miles on new OEM Tires

    Anyone interested in a new set of OEM PS4’s with 0 miles for less than half price from any tire store ? Thanks.
  5. For Sale MN. 0 Miles on new OEM Tires

    Have a new set of OEM Tires that were swapped out for All Season Tires at time of Purchase. 0 Miles whatever the car came off the truck with. $850 Plus Shipping from MN. Pictures Soon, still in bags from the Dealership. PM me if interested. Will just include a second set of tires if I trade...
  6. Indiana SOLD - OEM FL5 Tires Michelin PS4S 265/30ZR19 LOW PRICE $750, UPDATED with pics!

    Apparently you did not read my other post that said, if the Original Person’s are gone, I will sell mine. But no worries. Will take your advice when I can get some pictures. I’m out of town. sorry for any confusion as i stated in the previous post as well. I was not trying to sell my tires...
  7. Indiana SOLD - OEM FL5 Tires Michelin PS4S 265/30ZR19 LOW PRICE $750, UPDATED with pics!

    Hi, don’t want to confuse you but I’m the other person with a brand new set with 0 miles, I might sell, if the other persons are gone already! Were you asking the OP or me for the verification? Thanks.
  8. Indiana SOLD - OEM FL5 Tires Michelin PS4S 265/30ZR19 LOW PRICE $750, UPDATED with pics!

    I will sell mine as well. 0 miles. You pay shipping from MN same price as his. $850 plus Shipping. No unfortunately will not take less ! PM Me if interested or will just sell them with a second set of tires if I sell the car. kind Regards
  9. Minnesota OEM FL5 Wheels For Sale

    I’m the one with brand new tires 0 miles and no damage. thanks
  10. Minnesota OEM FL5 Wheels For Sale

    There’s a guy on here looking for Wheels and tires. I have Brand New tires with I think 0 miles I’m willing to sell. Look him up and see if you can make a deal! My tires are in the Twin Cites. Thinking about selling my car when my other ordered car gets in. thanks
  11. Rays Volk Racing G025 installed on FL5

    Is there anyplace in the United States a person can buy this exact Wheel, only in a different color? Same Size as to use the Stock Tire Size. thank you.
  12. WTB OEM FL5 Wheels/Tires

    There’s another person selling their wheels on the forum. Also from MN. It was on the forum last night. I don’t remember how old the post was. It’s under newest threads. Best
  13. Jailbroken ECU with Emissions problem/rev matching

    Can you put a review on here as to how much performance boost your car has now compared to factory? FL5 Thank You
  14. WTB OEM FL5 Wheels/Tires

    Have a brand new set of OEM PS4 with 0 miles. PM me and let me know how much you’re willing to pay. In MN to estimate your shipping cost. 55116 Tires Only Regards
  15. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    Sir with all due respect, that is a False Statement. The only cars to have a recall for the drivers side seat is the first ones that came out a long time ago. I think anything below Ser# 650. Anything above the first cars were not affected at all. I know , I own one of the first cars. Happy Car...
  16. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Mine Cost just about $800 for a full correction plus a 3 year ceramic coating with a guarantee from a small but great detail shop in MN.
  17. Geico Policy Holders beware

    Just switched to Progressive today. Same limits I had for years. Back down to $93 a month for full coverage with $250 Comp and $500 collision.
  18. Geico Policy Holders beware

    Just switched to p Just switched to progressive today. Went back down to $93 a month for the same coverage I have always had. Still can’t believe Geico would want to lose a good customer with nothing changing. A few bucks a year ? I understand, but over $800 more a year is ridiculous. thanks...