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  1. Hondata Mobile Quick Start Guide | 11th Gen Civic

    Go back one step - you need to get authorized by Apple / Google to be able to use AA or Car Play. If you look at the requirements for Car Play (at least), they are very specific that automotive gauge display is not allowable. We applied anyhow and was rejected...
  2. FL5 Instant Live Tuning now available

    We have released FlashProManager V4.2.2 which has 'Instant Live Tuning'. For those who tune their own vehicles or are professional tuners this is a game changer. You may know that Live Tuning allows you to make changes to a table in real time, saving the need to upload for each change. But you...
  3. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    If you use the Integra Type S settings then your catalyst life will be no worse than what Honda has allowed for the Integra Type S. There are catalyst temperature and other component protections in the implementation.
  4. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    Pops and bangs, Burbles, etc. regardless what you call it this is a common feature today. Acura implemented the pops & bangs in the new Integra Type S (DE5) (along with many other manufactures). The extra exhaust sound comes from the overrun from retard ignition and extra fuel injection which...
  5. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    Each Honda model has different emissions levels - some cars are cleaner than others. Automatics are usually cleaner than manuals
  6. Regarding the problem of hondata recording data, used for FL5

    This probably means that your car is not knocking ie knock retard = 0
  7. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Hondata has a fabulous patented technology: Traction control. We've seen 2 seconds a lap improvement. Reduce your torque request, then tune your traction control settings. Hondata traction control alters the power 100 times per second to keep your wheels in contact with the ground. Once set up...
  8. 2023 Integra Type S vs. 2023 Civic Type R - Jailbreaking The Tuning Advantages!

    Hey CivicXi community, Let's dive into a different comparison between the 2023 Integra Type S and the 2023 Civic Type R. Both cars are impressive, but we've uncovered some exciting tuning differences that might give the Integra an edge in performance. First here are some general specs...
  9. Torque talk

    I made this video to teach everyone the major factor in engine damage. It's not power. It's excessive torque. We have developed very safe flex fuel calibrations , (which can be tuned) to make 60-80 hp more while keeping the torque in check. Details here...
  10. FK8 Fuel system now supported for the FL5

    We added support for the FL5 CTR software for the FK8 fuel system. It's available via a software mod now. The stock fuel system on the FK8 was marginal. It's even more marginal on the FL5. With this, Hondata's fuel system delivers 24% more fuel. We are working on a flex fuel calibration and...
  11. Hondata 1.5 Fuel system E85 calibration

    After the release of the Hondata 1.5 fuel system we were asked "what do you have for my stock Civic Si engine". We were listening, so we developed a safe E85 calibration with a flat torque curve that makes power to the redline, for use with the 1.5 fuel system. This is so much more fun to drive...
  12. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    There are no plans to release a 92 octane tune. You could try the 93 octane tune and monitor the knock retard on the datalog or Hondata app. The ECU will automatically adjusts for a lower octane fuel.
  13. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Emissions. The ECU continues to fire the injectors after throttle lift off to reduce cylinder temperatures and nitrous oxides. We've added another rev hang setting. Rev hang race more aggressively closes the throttle and disables an overboost error.
  14. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    The FL5 ECU is returned to you with the stock calibration, but with the ability to be programmed with FlashPro. It will run identically to before sending it to us.
  15. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    There are two mods (standard reduction and race) which can be applied to any calibration to reduce the rev hang.
  16. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Honda cannot tell that the ECU has been jailbroken and previously reflashed. They can tell if it currently has a non factory flash in it. There is no reflash counter or record of CVNs like other vehicles. We have always advocated for being upfront with the Honda dealer about what you have...
  17. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    You would run a 93 map. You then have the option of custom tuning. The Canadian ECU is the same as the US. Our guess is that the 94 Octane would have 10% ethanol.
  18. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    An unlocked FlashPro from a FK8 will lock to and program an FL5. There is no timeline for a remote jailbreak. It may not be possible.