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Search results

  1. California Sold: WTS: KTuner V2 with Accessories

    Looking to sell my KTuner V2 and some accessories for it. Originally purchased for my 10th Gen Civic, but traded it in and barely used it for my 2023 Sport Touring. I've been enjoying the stock power with a 6MT, so decided to put it up for sale. Will include the KBuddy mount for the 11th Gen...
  2. Upper Dash Vents

    I was thinking the vents on top of the dash were very plain and was surprised that they didn't have those match the rest of the dash's vents . Found these on Amazon, thought I'd share. Not sure how well they will stand up to the heat in summer. The mesh honeycomb isnt quite the same size, but...
  3. Chilly's 2023 Civic FL1 Sport Touring 6MT | Aspiring Build

    I'm not sure of exactly how I want to build my car, but I'm kind of leaning towards something similar to a Spoon Sports build but with my own twist. Below are a few pics I've taken. I will be updating the list of parts over time. The day I bought the car. Current modifications...