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  1. Cusco Power Brace & Swaybars

    Just installed the Cusco power brace and rear sway. Pretty easy install to add chassis rigidity for the FL5.
  2. New Steering wheel with Quick Release

    If you are contemplating on doing a quick release steering wheel on your FL5 here you go.
  3. K20c1 Valve Cover

    I know most of us debate on the value for the price point of the Spoon valve cover. I just recently changed mine and I am in love how a simple addition of color brings the CTR or Type S engine bay to life. Whether it's a Spoon Sports or DIY valve cover this simple change just makes the engine...
  4. Amuse R1 Titan Strut Bar (Titanium)

    How do you feel about the new Amuse R1 Titan Strut Bar (Titanium)?
  5. Spoon Collection 2024

    Here is the vlog covering the Spoon Type One shop and Spoon Collection 2024. There was some very limited exclusive merch that was available during this drop and you had to be in attendance to get them. If you missed the drop, don't worry I got you covered. Watch the vlog for details!
  6. CTR FL5 Builds at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 (Mugen, Varis Japan, Fujisubo, Blitz Japan, Aimgain)

    Here is my Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 vlog. I tried capturing all of the FL5s at the show. Also all I vlogged the new aero from Mugen and Varis Japan.
  7. CTR FL5 at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

    Here is my Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 vlog. I tried capturing all of the FL5s at the show. Also all I vlogged the new aero from Mugen and Varis Japan.
  8. Spoon FL5 2024 Collection Drop

    Alright boys and girls here is a follow up on my Mugen thread yesterday. I went to the Spoon Type One 2024 collection drop. Here is some pictures of the Spoon FL5. Let me tell you it doesn't disappoint! Spoon Collection vlog will follow.
  9. FL5 at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

    Here are some pictures of the FL5 at this year's TAS. The Mugen body kit comes with a none carbon option this year. I will have a vlog coming soon with all the other FL5s at the show.
  10. Xmas Gift Ideas 2023!

    Alright friends here are some of the top Spoon Sports xmas gift ideas 2023! What would you love to see under the tree this year?
  11. Antigravity ATX30 Battery

    Switching from the oem battery to the Antigravity ATX30 battery is probably the best bang for the buck way to shave weight on the CTR. The oem battery is prone to going flat over long periods of storage. I will do an updated post how this battery holds up during the summer.
  12. Spoon Valve Cover

    Here is an older vlog I did on the Spoon valve cover. It might help the members that are on the fence about buying one.
  13. The Best CTR FL5s at SEMA 2023

    Alright friends here is the top CTR FL5s is found at SEMA this year. I am for sure a big fan of the Spoon Sports race car! Looking forward to installing these parts on mine.
  14. Mugen Vent Visors

    Finally installed the Mugen vent visors I was on the fence about how they would look but they turned out better the I thought.
  15. After Market Seats Installed!

    I finally installed the Edirb seats. Had a few hiccups but I got it all figured out. Hopefully this answers any questions on installing aftermarket seats in the 10th and 11th gen Civics.https://youtu.be/5Fxg-PtVuZQ
  16. RS-R Sports-i Coilovers Driving Impressions

    Lot of you members have asked me about the dampening on the RS-R coilovers. I made and update vlog with a view of the wheels from the outside. I'm hoping it helps answer some of your questions.
  17. Aftermarket Seats & Weight Sensors

    There is very little information on the internet on how to properly mount aftermarket seats into the 10th and 11th gen civic. The passenger weight sensor is not properly mounted or usually disregarded. I have made a 2 part vlog on how I did it. Hopefully it is useful for all the members that...
  18. Acuity Pedal Spacer

    Most of you have probably seen the Acuity pedal spacer on the internet. If you haven't tried it definitely give it a try, it is pretty awsome. Relatively very inexpensive and really easy to install.
  19. Solution to the scratches on the gloss black trim

    If you are looking for a solution to all the scratches on the gloss black trim and there is a lot of in on the FL5 lol 😆 Here is what I did.
  20. Aftermarket Seats

    Has any member installed aftermarket seats yet with all the sensors works as oem?