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Search results

  1. Emergency help for FL5 tire replacement

    Hey guys, last night my left rear tire got ripped and now I'm stranded in Kayenta, Arizona. Does anyone have any recommendations for any emergency spare tire replacement? I don't have a spare tire but I'm looking to see if any common car's rims fit the Type R so that I can find it faster. As...
  2. Brake squeal (or something else?)

    Hey guys, Just moved to Arizona last week. Drove the Type R all the way from Maine to Arizona. Ever since I've arrived in Arizona, my car has been squealing and its coming from the front. I thought it might be rocks stuck in between the dust shield and the rotor, but the thing is that the car...
  3. Best insurance for Type R

    Hi guys, I finally secured financing for a Type R this Monday and now the waiting game begins. In the meantime, I'm looking for viable options for insurance; my old car is registered with State Farm so I got a quote from them for full coverage around $200/ month for 0 deductibles, $160/month...