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  1. 2023 Civic Hatchback goes live on ShopHonda.com

    https://automobiles.honda.com/civic-hatchback -Sport retains the 2.0L base engine -LX is dead (as expected it seems) -Sport is base trim, EX-L and Sport Touring remain as well. -6MT remains available for the Sport and Sport Touring -Boost Blue is added to the Sport Touring manual color choices...
  2. Build & Price for 2022 Civic Hatchback Now Live

  3. 2022 Civic SMOKES the Corolla in Motor Trend Comparison Review

  4. 11th gen Civic Si spotted by TFLcar

    https://tflcar.com/2021/06/2022-honda-civic-si-spied-news/ There’s a bit more here than meets the eye. As we speak, the ever-popular 2022 Honda Civic sedan is hitting dealers nationwide. In about a weeks’ time, we’ll see the updated hatchback model. What’s missing from the picture for the...