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  1. Slightly dented the PRL intake pipe and stock intake box hose connector

    FYI, the spec is 44 in. lbs (per HVI instructions). Note that is INCHES, which is less than 4ftlbs. Just wanted to point this out because I can see a lot of folks overtorquing things if they didn't notice the inches... The dents likely won't matter, there are plenty of other smaller...
  2. How long does it take to get your car title once you pay the loan off?

    To answer your original question, it depends on your state and your finance company. It usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on both, but when I paid off my last car I had it in hand in less than a week. That said, not sure I understand the situation, is the car new? If so didn't your dealer...
  3. The FL5 Civic Type R Wheel Spacer Reference Thread

    As an update, added the 5mm slip on spacers in the back, got plenty of engagement on the lugs, but I am NOT on OEM wheels or nuts for what it's worth. One note, don't buy the cheap ones off Amazon. I got the Akatas and they seem pretty well made for what they are, fit fine.
  4. The FL5 Civic Type R Wheel Spacer Reference Thread

    I am installing some this weekend and can let you know. I am not too worried, but am only installing them in the back. You can always go 3mm if you are concerned as those will definitely work.
  5. MHI stage 2 finally installed

    LOL, yeah, I have watched a few videos and that didn't look fun on the FK8, was hoping maybe the FL5 had a little more room to work. Too bad it isn't the pump side that needs drilling... Anyone have an hour estimate for pulling and replacing the intake manifold? Looks straightforward but time...
  6. MHI stage 2 finally installed

    Is there anyway to drill or replace the line without pulling the intake manifold on the FL5?
  7. WTB FL5 ADS

    I know quite a few folks are swapping out their ADS for the DE5 one, interested to buy your FL5 one if available!
  8. Suspension Setttings for Auto-X

    Yes, and sadly since I have the Integra that isn't an option... I know lightning lap preferred it that way as well. I did pedal dance every run, which is odd since other than off the line I was getting no wheel spin even though I am tuned with full torque request in 1st and 2nd. So I do wonder...
  9. Suspension Setttings for Auto-X

    Was wondering what mode people are Auto-Xing in with their FL5s? I have the ITS but was wondering if it's worth swapping in the FL5 ADS for events if you are running Sport+ regularly. Not worth it if like on track you are dialing it down to comfort or Sport though. Our site is very clean by most...
  10. FL5 Best Hidden Mod

    I think you guys are missing the obvious, the additional performance is quickly outweighed by the disruption in the cars weight balance. I was experiencing massive nose dive in corners from all the added weight of copper after upgrading. To better balance the car after this mod, make sure to...
  11. Autocross Number Application Question

    I think it's personal preference, lots of folks have them on all day, I usually put them on at the track. As per the suggestion above, I always have a MF towel and a QD in my race crate to wipe down the area first if it got dirty on the drive over. If it's clean I don't bother. Harder part is...
  12. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    Oh man, that brings me back to the mid 90s! Loved my Airinx!
  13. PRL High Volume Intake Preorders Open 11am CST!

    When the TI inlet came out, it was pretty clear there were two versions, one for HVI and one for stock inlet. It sucks, but they were upfront about it. When I reached out they told me NOT to buy the inlet if I want to get the HVI later. I didn't order my inlet till the HVI one dropped for that...
  14. Eventuri intake available for sale

    Eventuri, if you watch the dream automotive clip it explains how they made it larger. Should be out shortly, but I haven't seen an official release date.
  15. Eventuri intake available for sale

    There is a new FL5 specific one coming out that's larger, given the price I would wait for that one.
  16. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    Not to beat a dead horse on this, but to 2nd this statement, you need to submerge the filter to water log the car. In the PRL setup, that means not just 18" of water, because your intake would just pull from the grille instead. And honestly, that straight shot from the grille is likely to...
  17. Eventuri intake available for sale

    Yeah, it's all good till you shoot a 12' flame out the front of your headlight because you forgot to purge your NOS line and melt your rubber maid cold air intake box and piping. Not that I ever did that...
  18. Wagner Intercooler

    I almost got a Wagner for my Audi, it was a similar setup, IC, RAD and Fan all sandwiched together. It's a nightmare to install and deal with, but it was a staple on the track, so it must not have raised engine temps significantly. Granted, that's how it is from factory as well. Now fitting it...
  19. SCCA Autocross Stock Class

    Thanks, I realized STX has a 9" rim limitation so that makes sense.
  20. SCCA Autocross Stock Class

    Anyone know what class a slightly modified FL5/DE5 would run in? I don't need to be competitive, just don't want to deal with protests. Assuming it would be STX? My mods allow me to stay in Street Touring I believe and will be on street tires.