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  1. Finally Today. Why I bought this car

    Congratulations on the car! I live in Blue Ash, and have only seen a handful of FL5 Type R’s in Cincinnati. I did see another Boost Blue R a few weeks ago.
  2. OEM Oil Filter and Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer Part Number

    I was told that all Hondas besides the S2000 use the sane filter.
  3. My Rallye Red FL5 Build

    Beautiful build! I like what you are doing!
  4. I switched from GRC to FL5, here are my notes

    Nice comparison! You are fortunate to have been able to experience both cars.
  5. Eibach Sportline Springs

    This looks great! I don’t like my chances of leaving my suspension stock.
  6. Front air dam ground clearance

    I have noticed that the front end on the FL5 is longer than some of my previous cars. There is quite a bit of car in front of the front wheels. There is also a plastic strip that sticks out in the front by the belly pan. I am currently stock height, and it is fairly common for me to scrape the...
  7. UPDATE! Allocation issues - 23 CW

    My car only came with one key. After two months of hassling the dealer, I received a second key. All of those things can be replaced. As long as you can get the dealer to put in writing that they will replace all of the missing items, I don’t think it is worth walking away from.
  8. New Owner Observation / Stories

    When I first got my Type R, I went to pick up my daughter at school. She gets in the car and says “Mr. So and So said your car is cool”. Glad to see that her teachers have good taste! I have also had a few people pull up next to me taking pictures, or film. Several thumbs up. In 3 months...
  9. What other Honda's have you owned?

    1988 Accord EX Hatchback 2008 Odyssey EXL (wife’s) 2014 Odyssey EXL (wife’s) 2022 Passport Elite (wife’s) 2023 Type R
  10. Whats your other car in addition to your CTR?

    My other car is a 2004 VW R32.
  11. What color did you want vs what color you ended up with?

    I was open to any color besides black. I already have one black car, and hate all the extra work it takes to keep it looking good. I couldn’t deal with that in my daily driver. I wound up with BB, and couldn’t be happier!
  12. Championship White FL5 #943 Build

    Beautiful car! Would you mind telling me what lug nuts you are running?
  13. Post your FL5 Civic Type R delivery pics! 🙌 📸

    Picked her up at the end of March. I spent 10 days calling all over the country to inquire about various cars. I wound up getting it in Kentucky for $5K ADM. I decided it was worth $5K over to get the color I wanted. This is my first non-VW in 25 years. So far I love it and have no regrets!
  14. Flapfab Stone Guards

    Where can you order these? I don’t find anything when I Google them.