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  1. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    For sure! Now here, I definitely agree. Sometimes we are just the sum of our experiences. I have had several Hondas, VWs, and Mitsubishis over the years. Honda has been super tough to deal with in-warranty for my family. Prelude shift forks, faulty A/C compressors, Si paint. Their initial...
  2. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    I think the main misunderstanding here is “replace”. Of course they’re not going to just give him a new car. Replace to me means buyback. At that point, let the buyer decide if he/she wants to search for another Type R or move to a different platform. Now, on to: “What incentive does a dealer...
  3. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    Frankly, you’re entitled to your opinion as well, pejorative or not. Honda is well known for build quality, but notorious for being tough to work with inside warranty claims. Volkswagen is the opposite. Electrical or mechanical issues, VWoA is better customer focused, and someone will advocate...
  4. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    I’m going against the grain here. 185 miles, people. It is completely unreasonable to pay over $50,000 for a car and for the engine to not last 200 miles. Very likely, the Carfax will indicate that the engine was replaced. The original owner is going to lose a substantial amount of value on...
  5. Hondata jailbreak tour -Atlanta 4/20

    Was present on Two Step and base map. Any map with Hondata at that time. It would buck and run like crap in the midrange for the first couple of minutes. It was an intake cam timing tuning issue with the software.
  6. Hondata jailbreak tour -Atlanta 4/20

    225 miles and 3 hours each way. I’d probably be game if they have sorted the intake cam advance issue they had early on. It made my 2023 run poorly for the first couple of minutes on cold start. Hopefully this is not an issue anymore that would plague my 2024 FL5. Also torn, because I like my...
  7. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    If this happened to me, I’d jump platforms. There doesn’t seem to be a clear cut reason why this happened, and it doesn’t look like driver error. Loss of traction from bouncing and stiff suspension is my best guess. The damping is too high in +R and even Sport for high speed corners. It...
  8. Name five things you like about the Type R and five things you would change...

    + -Handling -Super visceral and engaging to drive -Shifter and clutch relationship a dream -Size, room, and the fact it’s still pretty lightweight. -Great resale value - -Suspension is way too bouncy only during high speed corners, making +R and sport damping unusable on any roads that aren’t...
  9. There’s a Reason Honda Made Active Exhaust, Don’t Disable

    Agree on +R for engine. But I also love the +R sweeping tach like the S2000. Looks the best.
  10. There’s a Reason Honda Made Active Exhaust, Don’t Disable

    No difference in feel for me in my stock car +R valve open or closed. Individual mode also has the most aggressive throttle mapping, so it’s same as +R. I did not try it in sport or comfort, as I never use them and hate the tach in those modes as well as the super laggy acceleration.
  11. There’s a Reason Honda Made Active Exhaust, Don’t Disable

    Early FL5s using Hondata had a tuning issue that made the car run like total crap from cold start at low/mid RPM for a couple minutes due to excessive intake cam advance. This was obvious, however, and hard to miss. I believe it has since been rectified, but sold my 23 and haven’t jailbroken...
  12. There’s a Reason Honda Made Active Exhaust, Don’t Disable

    Put it on a dyno and prove it. Otherwise, it’s just an armchair theory. You can’t equate truth to feel.
  13. Official Wheel Fitment Thread for 11th Gen FL5 Civic Type R

    255/40/18x9.5+45 Saga S-Plus Diamond Dark. Azenis RT660 Stock height
  14. Rchive- An FL5 ownership journal

    Installed. Stock wheel/tire combo is 52 lbs even on my bathroom scale. This combo is 47.2 lbs each on the scale. For the sake of convenience, I'm calling that a 20 lb loss in unsprung weight. 255w tires listed above are Azenis RT660, which run wide, and look as wide as the stock 265w rubber...
  15. Transmission worries.

    All of this can be alleviated by showing some mechanical empathy when shifting. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to make 450 or even 500hp with the stock gearbox.
  16. Rchive- An FL5 ownership journal

    Diamond Dark TE37 Saga S-Plus 18x9.5 +45. Got these from Austin Smith at Vivid Racing. Got a great deal, he’s awesome. Waiting on tires to arrive- Falken Azenis RT660 255/40/18. Stock height. Pics soon.
  17. Rchive- An FL5 ownership journal

    Tire Rack pricing and tires (Extreme summer tier) 255/40/18 Bridgestone RE71RS; $1048 for 4, 27 lbs ea, diameter: 26.0" (Tire is 0.7" taller vs stock, car will sit 0.35" higher, and reduce wheel gap by 0.35") 265/35/18 Kumho Ecsta V730; $860 for 4, 26 lbs ea, diameter: 25.3" (Basically same...