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  1. Those that installed springs, did you cut your rubber bump stops?

    This, Eibach provided a template with the instructions to cut the bump stop on my Pro Kit.
  2. Spying on you?

    Yup, it has all the features you mentioned. I’ve used them all- I looked for drivers feedback months ago to see how fast a performance shop went during a road test and was disappointed to see the type r lacked that feature. Drivers feedback is the feature on other Hondas that worked similar to...
  3. Spying on you?

    Multiple vehicles, so the R doesn’t get driven much.
  4. Spying on you?

    It’s never had driver feedback. I’ve had the app since March 2023. I wanted driver feedback to track my trips and speeds, but it’s never been an option for the Type R.
  5. Spying on you?

    Here’s screenshots from my app. No drivers feedback option. here’s also a screenshot listing what models have it. Not the Type R
  6. Spying on you?

    the 2023 Civic Type R in the US does not have the Driver Feedback option in the paid Honda Link app. Other Hondas do, not the FL5. US FL5 was never impacted by this.
  7. Overshooting commanded boost targets

    Have you discussed with your tuner? Boost targets aren’t necessarily tuned towards- it’s a torque target, and the tune utilizes as much boost necessary to hit that torque target.
  8. No Audio

    Reboot process: 1 Hold home+power+previous (like previous track button, bottom left). Press all at same time. Hold for a few seconds. 2 Tap detailed information and settings in new screen. 3 Hold back (below home)+power+previous (all at same time, few seconds) 4 Tap system reboot
  9. Flashing CEL but no trouble codes

    A blinking CEL signifies a misfire, even if there’s no code showing. It could have been a temporary misfire and didn’t register the P0300. If it doesn’t happen again, maybe it was a fluke.
  10. I’ll just park next to you thank you

    Taking up multiple spots is an inconsiderate move and will likely cause a beat up truck to park next to you for being a jerk. Parking far away and next to a curb is the best, but park in between the lines please.
  11. Name five things you like about the Type R and five things you would change...

    Changes: More robust coolant tank that doesn’t leak More robust valve cover that doesn’t leak Access panel in splash guard for oil changes versus the eight fasteners to remove the splash guard Homelink mirror from factory Actual TPMS
  12. Fumoto Valve- F106?

    Edit- f106 works fine, no issues.
  13. OEM Fender/Hood Gaps Not Symmetrical?

    I did some googling, did not see anything for the FL5 but saw this was an issue with the FK8, so I assume it carried over to the FL5 but would like confirmation. My left side (drivers side in US) has a slightly larger gap between the fender and hood than the right side. When I mean slight, I...
  14. Anyone fully debadge the rear?

    I removed the Civic emblem (yes, trying to hide the fact I paid so much for a Civic!!), and am debating removing the Type R emblem since the symmetry is off now. Obviously would keep the red Honda badge, but curious if anyone has a picture of an FL5 with both Civic and Type R removed?
  15. Lug Nut Torque for FL5 - Owners Manual Wrong!

    ***EDIT*** Dealership confirmed that the 2023 Honda Civic owners manual that comes with the Type R’s in the USA is incorrect. There should be a special note stating that the Type R torque is 94 foot pounds. 80 is for standard Civics only. Owners manual to be revised in future. ***EDIT*** Just a...
  16. MagSafe Case & Wireless Charger?

    Has anyone else had issues with a MagSafe case on an iPhone and the wireless charging pad on the FL5? Such as- a burning smell? I know the owners manual and sticker on the pad says no metal objects between phone and pad, and obviously the MagSafe case has metal in it (the magnet). So I’m not...