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  1. CivicX+ Wake the Dragon 2023

    I did Wake the Dragon with the s2000 community a few years back and it was a blast. I hated the 12 hour drive to get there, very painful in an S2000 given my size. I would be very happy to do the drive in my 2022 Si , so I must plan to attend, it won't be this year though. Thanks for...
  2. Best Gas For FL5?

    So 92 octane fuel using ethanol performs better than 92 octane fuel without ethanol ? Octane rating denotes the resistance to knock, so a 92 with ethanol is the same as 92 without ethanol. Same applies to any octane but I just used 92 in this example.
  3. Best Gas For FL5?

    Get the best octane you can get 91, 92, or 93, and I prefer non-ethanol as you will get best fuel economy from it. Ethanol fuels result in less fuel economy, as small as it may be.
  4. Aftermarket Springs Thread

    ^ when I put coilovers on my s2000 I went with Bilstein, but I went with fixed shocks, and not adjustable. I put my faith in shock engineers who can tune a perfect suspension. Giving someone like me a 32 way adjustable shock is just asking to screw it up and make a worse handling vehicle.
  5. Anyone try the 11th gen SPOON springs yet? Or H&R?

    I remember running some Tein springs in the past on other cars I owned, Tein just carried over the same spring rates from past vehicles to newer vehicles and it didn't work very well. Sometimes companies offer products to get them out to market quickly and will guess at works well without...
  6. Are you happy with your SI ??

    My Subaru WRX has a tracking app that is included as standard equipment. I can locate it anywhere, and track it while it is travelling, I can set speed alerts and boundary alerts, curfew alerts. If the car is stolen it can be shutdown. I don't know of anything in the aftermarket to add...
  7. Dash illumination kit (subaru) install on 2022 Civic. DIY

    awesome work, thanks for posting, that is a nice setup
  8. Are you happy with your SI ??

    Some days I like jumping into my WRX and appreciating the qualities of that car. But when I get back into my Si I really appreciate the characteristics of the nimble light weight chassis, steering, handling, and transmission combination, plus the fuel economy is excellent . It is a unique...
  9. How to disable Traction Control on your 2022 Civic

    Nice to know if you want to track it. VSA saved my butt a couple months back, I was actually amazed how well it worked, I will never turn it off on the street. It also works really well in snowy conditions.
  10. Enkei RS05RR 19×9.5 wheels on FL5 Type R

    I would run them as long as they are lighter weight than stock, this car needs lighter wheels.
  11. I Finally Picked up my 23’ Si!

    Looks good, black goes good with all of the black accent pieces and the black OEM wheels. I pound the miles on mine as a daily driver, and it works great for me. The steering is heavy only in sport mode and I don't like it heavy. I personally like a lighter steering so I go for...
  12. Rev Indicator Lights Not Working

    On the Si it doesn't start until about 5000 rpms, it may be slightly different on the R, but if you are still in break-in mode you may not see them until you get past break-in.
  13. Thoughts of a 2022 Civic Si Owner Over the Past Year

    I changed the transmission fluid to Amsoil MTF 5w30 very soon after getting the car, it works so much better in all conditions, particularly the 2nd gear notchiness.
  14. Are you happy with your SI ??

    I'm happy with mine after one year of driving it, but I knew what I was getting and I had no wild expectations other than what the car is all about. It is a fun, nimble, and great handling vehicle, with great fuel economy, and a nice powertrain. It is not a 1/4 mile racer by any means...
  15. Thoughts of a 2022 Civic Si Owner Over the Past Year

    They are a perfect wheel , lightweight and strong, nice design IMO, I've been really happy with them. Lots of people run FAST wheels in the US, they should ship to US or have US distributors. Cost will be pretty cheap for US consumers due to the exchange rate. The FAST wheels site is...
  16. Thoughts of a 2022 Civic Si Owner Over the Past Year

    ^ My Fast FC-04 wheels weigh under 19 lbs in factory sizing, by far the best mod for these cars outside of tunes. I've run them for 12 months and very happy with them, I got the titanium colour which I love. Forge-like weight at an affordable cost, can't go wrong, flow formed casting makes...
  17. Those who have winter...Seeking wiper tips

    I would put them in the maintenance position and lift them up if you expect poor weather. It is easy to do just after you shut down the engine. If I had a CVT I would love remote start for this very reason then you don't have to worry about wipers as much, but mine is an Si.
  18. Well…it was fun while it lasted…

    There is a 10th gen CVT Civic in Canada that blows away FK8 Type R's in the 1/4 mile, like they were standing still. The car has been running reliably for quite a while. I would never have believed it but the videos are out there, and the car is wild. I owned a 10th gen CVT Civic coupe...
  19. Rear wiper blade issue

    good to know it is not a Honda issue, just stupid detailers.