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Search results

  1. Washington SOLD For Sale: Integra Type S Shark Gray OEM Wheels

    Oooo damn. I've always loved these gunmetal wheels ever since I saw them back in late 2021. How much do they weigh do you know?
  2. Type S wheels

    Aww heck yeah! Do you know if it's lighter than the stock 18 inch shark grey wheels? I think it will look just as sick on an aspec.
  3. Type S wheels

    @apexit53, You're talking about the Integra Type-S wheels right? Do you have any close up pictures of these? I've never heard about them being in gold. All the pictures I've seen were in gunmetal. And what are the specs? Thanks!
  4. Picked up my crystal black 2022 Civic Si today

    How come midwest gets all the best prices? There was another for sale not too long ago for msrp! I can't believe it!!
  5. Would you get manual in an ugly color?

    Wait until Type-R. I bet they're holding back on colors until that or even the new integra for whatever reason.
  6. Thinking about getting a manual 2022 ST

    Sport touring manual doesnt have LSD like Si sedan does. Probably won't matter to most here anyway, but some do!
  7. 2022 Civic Sport Hatchback 6MT Boost Blue Available For Sale NO MARKUP

    @DominicHonda, Holy CRAP that's a good deal! If I wasn't so invested in the new Integra I would be so onto this.
  8. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    Are you sure? Quality may be nice but what about long term reliability? I've heard lots of GTI owners over the years with engine and transmission problems that got quite expensive to maintain.
  9. Axion Industries 2022 Civic Hatch Sport Touring Street/Drag build

    So sick! That is wicked clean looking no doubt, love white. I’ve heard these new hatchbacks in 6 speed are so difficult to get a hold of that many are being sold even before hitting the dealer lots! Lol
  10. 2022 Civic Si 6-speed manual transmission got two big upgrades - explained

    That's good to know thx! Just curious how many lbs is the ctr flywheel?
  11. 2022 Civic Si 6-speed manual transmission got two big upgrades - explained

    I read somewhere that having a lighter flywheel for everyday city driving was worse than a heavier one, is that true?
  12. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    The 6 speed si and integra look identical!
  13. 2022 Touring For Sale

    That was quick! ?
  14. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    That dude who's post got removed regarding a internal marketing research involvement implied an A-spec 6 speed manual for 33.5k'ish as one of the optioned trims. Hell, if that's true I wouldn't mind purchasing that or the Type-S!
  15. 2022 Civic Hatchback now on Honda Canada website

    My god! Look at all those colour choices for the manual in sport Touring! If I wasn't so obsessed with the new Integra stuff I would've been hootin' and hollerin' right now and considering driving up to Canada just to purchase an ST and drive it back down. But alas, I need to wait another 6...
  16. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    Oooooooooo, so it IS true. Boy I can't stop salivating this is gonna be GOOD!! ?
  17. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    holy CRAP if that's true I want that Aspec 6 speed integra baby! I've been waiting TOO long and the st civic hatchback is mighty nice and all but after this reveal I've set my sights on the integra now! ?
  18. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    OH HELL YEA! And let's HOPE that's not a prototype but the final it looks sick! And will we get a Type-S manual!??! oooooo