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  1. I switched from GRC to FL5, here are my notes

    I took a brief test drive of a Base GRC a couple months ago courtesy of AspecR when I was getting my oil changed. It's nice. The interior didn't offend me quite as much as expected even if it's clearly an entire grade lower than the FL5's IMO. The things that stood out to me were the heavy...
  2. Reverse issues?

    This is typical of Honda transmissions, either shift into first before going to reverse or pump the clutch twice.
  3. Spying on you?

    Huh, so maybe it is safe to reconnect Hondalink? @Tickle any chance you have a link or could copy the email info here?
  4. Delivery Drive—Paint Protection

    I wouldn't worry too much about the rockers - just the front bumper should be enough to get you home. Maybe the leading 2" of the roof too.
  5. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    That guy posted here, either in this thread a little ways back or elsewhere - he said it helps with the dirt ingress. My son is always pointing out how dirty the inner sills get.
  6. Gambit intake kit FL5

    Nice job. Not something I would do as fording water is a reality here as well as needing the wiper fluid reservoir.
  7. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Yes, but they are on backorder and I don't believe the design is changed so these can still fail. Replacing with an aftermarket one means you won't have to deal with it potentially again.
  8. Where’s the Aero?

    I like Mugen's wing but that's about it - the diffuser is for their single butthole exhaust which is... not good looking.
  9. Disable Adaptive sound system on FL5

    Well recommended, I just disconnected it. Takes maybe 30mins total and you don't need to pull the entire upper section out.
  10. Icehawk's "OEM+" speaker upgrade

    Look at the JL boxes, high quality stuff made near me.
  11. Flapfab vs Sukeban rock guards

    Not sure if I'm going to come, I'd have to bring my son and this event isn't as family friendly as others IMO.
  12. Stripped License Plate Bolt Housing

    You are using bolts that aren't designed for those plugs. The Mugen are fine thread, our car requires a coarse thread. I bought several Ti bolts like these which are the correct thread to use...
  13. Stripped License Plate Bolt Housing

    Are you using coarse thread screws? Those should work unless you got all crazy and hogged out the plastic insert thingies, it doesn't look like it. You want self tapping screws size M5x15. If you are using a fine thread/machine screw then yes, those plastic OEM things are easily stripped.
  14. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    I've thought about buying a set or two, they pop up for fairly reasonable prices. I should frame my original ones, they are never going in the car :D
  15. Flapfab vs Sukeban rock guards

    Still got the roll of mesh, are you going to go to the Acura Honda Classic meetup at Sawgrass April 14th? If so I can definitely bring it then, otherwise I'm sure we could figure something out - it's just taking up space in my house :)
  16. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Still on the original tires? I only got about 12k out of a set on my ND Miata but I gather the R gets more typically. I'm at 6k and wear seems pretty minimal so far.
  17. Real carbon fiber parts-FL5

    As mentioned, seems hit or miss. I have a set of the CCarbon/JSWAN door sill covers and they look good - but they are also a dead simple piece. It seems like for the more complex shape of the center console you need to spend more and go with a higher end vendor.
  18. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Realized I had posted about this in the wrong thread :D Trey, the codec stuff was in the dev menus. Waze worked perfectly now that I've disabled Honda Nav! I did a 200 mile trip (each way) this weekend and had no issue with the display pixelating. Highly recommend doing this along with...
  19. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Disabled the Honda Nav in preparation for a trip tomorrow where I'd like to run Waze. I noticed in the dev menus that there were ways to force the audio codec, enable additional ones, etc