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  1. Washington VOLK NE24 18x9.5 ET45 Dark Matte Grey $2700

    Great looking wheel. I didn’t know Volk made these it a nice alternative
  2. Disabling VSA via “Pedal Dance” vs. +R with button differences?

    Haha your post help so much because I couldn’t find out how to turn off
  3. Are any of you guys running an intercooler and radiator shield to keep rocks and bugs from ...

    Stradale intercooler guard I just test fitted this and it work well with oem style radiator. But if something like prl it won’t fit. I know he would make one if interest is high. The bracket that mesh is hookup to seem top notch
  4. Issues after Braided Brake Line install and Brake Bleed

    I would like the know the result of what happened. I was thinking about changing as well.
  5. Is it time to say hello to Type R and bye to S2000? Need Help!

    If you got the s2000 for a good price I would keep it. I had three s2000 and I daily drive my ctr but in comparison at limits the s2000 challenges you more because of rwd and short wheelbase. I think s2000 prices won’t come down and if you have ap1 I would keep it till you need the money for...
  6. Pekingduck automotive shenanigans journal

    I put in ramair intake and my main objective was to get noise coming from the engine. It did bring noise but more of suction noise and not reminiscent of induction na motor I guess I was expecting to much. I applied some DEI heat shield to help minimize heat soak and was probably useless...
  7. Los Angeles - Best Service Department

    I think they all suck. Oil changes are done generally by the lowest tech. Maybe because I am crabby I just do it myself.
  8. Did I get robbed paying 5k$ over msrp considering I live in Hawaii ( Honolulu )?

    It a good deal if you feel it a good deal. Your area sucks though considering you have very limited options. Just enjoy the where you are at and your car.
  9. Do car manufacturers rate their horsepower and torque by the wheels or crankshaft?

    unless if it German. For some reason their claim horsepower is very close to or exceed whp. I notice this to be a trend with turbo cars though. It really annoy me when I watch car video showing anything but German car against a non German car with similar power and the German car kills the...
  10. Name five things you like about the Type R and five things you would change...

    I tried it but it still glitchy. It made it more stable but far from no issues.
  11. Name five things you like about the Type R and five things you would change...

    Like Type r legacy Look of the car due to being wider body Handling Ease to drive at limits How light the car is for being modern dislike Fuel tank size Apple CarPlay I don’t like stability control using rear brakes to give it character I like the 10th gen cup holder being deeper I don’t...
  12. Is everyone having a hard time getting parts?

    It just most aftermarket company are small or the distributor doesn’t want in stock due to the cost on their books. It normal due to type r low production number compared to how many units they would move.
  13. Calling anyone running Gruppe M Intake in FL5

    Did you check your maf make sure it pointing the right way
  14. What is your setup for raising the car up for service?

    Your garage must be long. I couldn’t do that at my house. You are right I check I on the price and it only 3,500 so it not terrible. Better than looking for three car garage.
  15. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Her some pic from your track day a month ago
  16. Pekingduck automotive shenanigans journal

    I added 20mm Bonoss spacer. I been running for about 3 months with 6k. I do put antiseize on the hub. I was contemplating +15mm but worried about stud length and not being flush enough. Decent mod for the money if you into a more flush look.
  17. Looking for wheel spacers? We are now a BONOSS US Dealer!

    Just for reference for people I am using 20mm spacer. Ran it for about 3 months no issue. Nice seeing local dealer
  18. Went in for an oil change... drove out with a Boost Blue 2024 Civic Type R

    I got my si from there. Hmmm I want to look into Motocompacto
  19. FL5 Getting Added to GT7 (Gran Turismo 7)

    Same here, I don’t like it to be really good in the game you need steering wheel setup to get those super fine motor skills