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Search results

  1. "The Search".. not what i expected.

    I get what you're saying.. but I had to fly out of state to buy the car. I live in Florida and bought in New Jersey. I'd recommend expanding your search. The MSRP's are out there.. but yeah, it's a needle in a haystack sorta thing.
  2. A Christmas Miracle

    Hey EL. Yeah I would use it again-been thinking of taking it Northbound and driving back thru the mountains coming back to FL. It only goes from Sanford FL to Lorton VA and back.. and the train runs overnight. I took a regular seat going NB and a small private room coming back down to FL. The...
  3. A Christmas Miracle

    Thanks CC .. the Si is a great car for sure- the CTR though, every drive is an adventure. I love it.
  4. A Christmas Miracle

    Interesting. I never considered the Si could come close to the R-power wise. The Si was fun to drive. Quick but never felt fast to me. Tech wise- a different world from an 09 Speed3. Amtrak Autotrain- runs from Sanford FL to Lorton VA- they load you car on the train and you get a seat($)or a...
  5. A Christmas Miracle

    Thanks - noted! ;-)
  6. A Christmas Miracle

    Hey. Yeah Ive been thinking of popping into one of the Cars and Coffee meets sometime. I'm still babying the car but will open it up now and then for the grins. :)
  7. A Christmas Miracle

    Yeah the title's corny I know. Anyway, here's my purchase story. I had a MazdaSpeed3 that I bought new in 2009. Loved the car but that engine was getting ready to fully blow up at 183,000 miles. The day the Type R's hit the market in 2022 I started calling. I'm in Central Florida and had been...