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  1. FL5 Vanity Plate Hall of Fame

    I have a '23 in CW that I bought at Roush from Cameron back in August--only 2,000ish miles since then, but loving it!
  2. FL5 Vanity Plate Hall of Fame

    Small freakin' world!
  3. FL5 Vanity Plate Hall of Fame

    Random... but do you take yours to Roush Honda in Westerville? I'm almost positive I was a few cars behind you turning onto Shrock from State, because I remember the tow hook with decal, but I wasn't close enough to get a decent picture for the Spotted thread.
  4. FL5 Vanity Plate Hall of Fame

    I've seen a few good FL5 vanity plates dropped here and there, but I thought it might be nice to have a single place to compile them (whether for envy or inspiration):
  5. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Ah, the puddle lights... the one piece of LED lighting I haven't installed... yet. 😆 Sorry @Riko , I won't be any help on the puddle lights, but having had them on my Integra A-Spec + Tech, I can say it's a pretty classy thing to have the car light up as you approach it!
  6. Spying on you?

    For what it's worth, I had data sharing turned on, and I requested a copy of my driver profile from the company who would've reported my driving behaviors (Verisk?) for my FL5, DE5, and A-Spec + Tech Integra--I got a pretty quick response via mail, they didn't create a driver profile for me, and...
  7. Rear Hatch Opening Height Adjustment?

    I think many of us have learned the spoiler can hit an open garage door, but I haven't seen any solution aside from "be careful, because the spoiler will hit the open garage door".
  8. Anyone own both a FL5 and DE5

    It's not something that matters to me, personally, but the OP had touched on rarity and it seemed like others had weighed in on it as well. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Anyone own both a FL5 and DE5

    I traded my DE5 for the FL5, others (maybe more) have traded FL5's for DE5's, and at least one traded a FL5 for a DE5 that was then traded to get back to a FL5. You can't go wrong with either one, unless you overpay for either one. It's TBD which will be rarer or more sought after long-term...
  10. Canadian FL5/DE5 Build, Suggestions & Tips Thread

    Solid input here from @Clark_Kent--the dealership owed a duty of care to @Shichi when the car was dropped off, they breached that duty in tooling around in the car and there's evidence of it, but a lawyer's going to lose interest when they see there are no damages resulting from the dealership's...
  11. Billionaire dies in car crash at Aspen Motorsports Park

    The stage is set for Crown's return!
  12. Billionaire dies in car crash at Aspen Motorsports Park

    I'm not saying the guy faked his own death so he can come back to rid his city of crime....... but it's not a story that I haven't seen.
  13. Billionaire dies in car crash at Aspen Motorsports Park

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "James Crown, one of the wealthiest men in Chicago, is aiming to use his national clout in business to try to fight crime in the city." https://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/2023/6/1/23744542/james-crown-ceos-chicago-crime-violence-jobs
  14. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    I stumbled on this Toyota weatherstripping installation video for the FL5, and I'm having a hard time understanding why one might want to do this--can anyone lend insights? Does it actually cut down on NVH or filth entering the doorwells?
  15. Billionaire dies in car crash at Aspen Motorsports Park

    “The day of the crash, Crown was driving a Spec Racer with Toyota MR-2 engine rated at 165 horsepower, according to Matthew Kennedy, a racetrack employee and driving instructor interviewed by investigators. He told sheriff’s investigators that Crown, who had driven at the track before, was by...
  16. Civic Sport Hatchback Fair Pricing

    Very doubtful, because the Integra is already the Si hatch in the US.
  17. 'JDM-style' Black emblems on Hatchback

    I'm hoping they'll just generate a new listing for another front-sized emblem--happy to buy one more that works, but I'd hate to have to buy another pair to only use one. 🤦‍♂️
  18. 'JDM-style' Black emblems on Hatchback

    So I happened to order a set for my Del Sol last week, and the front badge is perfect, but the rear badge I received is much too large for the Del Sol as it's the same size as the rear badge on my FL5. If anyone wants a black rear badge, $20 and it's yours!
  19. RR SW388

    Drop the diameter, drop the price! 😆
  20. RR SW388

    They're both great to work with--similar pricing, reasonable turnaround, competitive pricing, and both will respond fairly fast if you reach out with questions.