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  1. 24 FL5 squealing when letting off accelerator

    I thought multiple people reported that the electronic wastegate noise was on most turbo BMW engines as well? This particular engine vibrates a lot. Especially in certain RPM ranges. They removed the balance shafts so this will be worse than any other 2.0L turbo Honda engine. I’ve found the...
  2. New Car Fl5 Type R bumper Gap

    Looks normal to me? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Transforming my interior with some Carbon Fiber 😋 from CarbonMyRide

    Looks great! Can you take some more up close photos of the center console especially around the buttons? I'm definitely interested in some of these parts as I don't love the red in the weave in the OEM one - plus it's like double the price...
  4. New Jersey Part Out

    Do you have any photos of the lip? Who painted it? Is it the same Berlina Black as the other gloss black accents on the car?
  5. California FS: Advan GT Beyond 19”

    Do you know if the barrels were ceramic coated? Are there wheel weights present?
  6. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    Sounds like how just about all of us have described it. Haha. Can you see why I've always said that going to 18" wheels + ITS ADS would be terrible? I wasn't happy with how dull the car felt swapping to 18" wheels on the factory ADS which is not a good feeling when you spend $4000+ on wheels...
  7. Lasfit LED turn signals + Diode Dynamics XPR Reverse Lights.

    Very strange that the positive terminal was loose. Pretty sure all service instructions would tell the tech to disconnect the negative terminal. Thanks for sharing your experiences otherwise.
  8. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    The bbfl5 guy was cussing out other forum members and arguing. He should have been banned. Maybe not hammeredsole though.
  9. Catastrophic Engine Failure

    I'm kinda sad he's gone too but when I read his FS thread about the car a few months ago it seemed like he had some deep-seated issues with driving his hero car. I'd probably prefer a CRV as well if I never wanted to drive my car because of fear of damaging it.
  10. How Does Driving Experience Compare?

    I also live in the PNW and daily my FL5. With proper tires the car is plenty of fun to drive when it's wet. I typically put it in Comfort mode in the rain to deaden the throttle a bit but I'd argue it's probably faster than most RWD and some AWD cars in the rain. I'm running Continental DWS 06+...
  11. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    It's a matter of opinion if you'll like the Type S ADS so you have to weigh everyone else's opinion and make the best guess as to which one you prefer. None of us can tell you if YOU will like it better or not. If you're happy with the car and you don't daily it then just stick with the factory...
  12. FL5 Forged Wheel Center Cap Part Number / Diameter

    Does anyone have a set of FL5 forged wheels sitting around and are willing to check out the center cap for a part number for me? I've looked everywhere and I can't find it in any diagrams. Also if you could measure the diameter of the cap it should either be 2 3/8" or 2 3/4".
  13. Intermittent clicking/ticking sound from the the are of driver side window (top left corner) or the panels next to it

    You may be thinking that the wastegate rattle is the same as a window rattle. It is not. It's just part of most modern turbocharged cars with an electronic wastegate.
  14. Intermittent clicking/ticking sound from the the are of driver side window (top left corner) or the panels next to it

    I think it will be a TSB at some point. I can live with it for now and I think Honda will figure out the fix before the warranty expires. If not I'll be sure to note it with them before it does so that they will be on the hook to fix it in good faith. It seems like both of my front windows do...
  15. Washington WTB Spoon Springs

    Yeah I sold them to the OP. This thread should probably be closed.
  16. Roughness on initial takeoff

    I have a feeling we will be going through waves of these types of posts whenever there are big shipments to the US... Nothing is wrong with your car - it's just the way it is. This engine had the balance shafts removed intentionally to free up HP and give it more character. Honda make some of...
  17. Parking sensors Usdm

    I bet we will find that the Type S might plug right into some sub-harness or module. It could take some time until someone decides to try it. You would have to drill holes in your bumper. Personally I don't find parking sensors worth how bad they make the front and rear bumpers look.
  18. Two Days, 100 Miles: My Initial Dive into FL5 Ownership

    Congrats! Good write-up. I’ve seen your name a lot lately so it’s great to hear you’re an owner now! Report back when you’ve broken the engine in. I’ve had mine for over a year and still love driving it daily.
  19. I value opinions / thoughts on this Borla Atak

    I think it's the ugliest exhaust on the market. I would never run that on my car but everyone has different tastes...