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  1. How Does Driving Experience Compare?

    True, I understand that there are handling differences between the two gens. And I think I have heard that the FL5 rotates more easily. That said, I can get the FK8 to rotate. Just takes effort and is not a given.
  2. How Does Driving Experience Compare?

    While there is no snow where I live-AZ desert- we do get rain. Both the Type R and the SI before it were very capable in the rain, no real issues. But obviously more fun to drive on a dry road - like most cars. If I lived in the PNW, I might have an STI, golf R, GRC, or other AWD hot hatch...
  3. I switched from GRC to FL5, here are my notes

    Excellent write up, thank you. i thought with a smaller wheelbase the GRC might feel more 'toss-able' but with the lighting steering response of the Type R - apparently not so much. Seems to me if you live where snow and ice is not a thing, the CTR is the way to go. Or even if you do have...
  4. Billionaire dies in car crash at Aspen Motorsports Park

    In any case, very sad for his family. He had enough money to be driving anything - and he drove an MR2 engine. Respect. Apparently not his first time there. Doesn't tell us what actually happened - or if he had a full roll cage, six way harness and helmet.
  5. Spying on you?

    The discount for monitoring sounds good until you understand how it works. It might make sense - might - if it actually could see the traffic around you and assess your actions taking that into account. But it can't. So if you hit your brakes hard to avoid a head on because some genius...
  6. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Thank you, really enjoyed those. Uncle Khong is the best. Love watching a true pro wring out a great car.
  7. Transforming my interior with some Carbon Fiber 😋 from CarbonMyRide

    Bottom line - carbon fiber upgrades the look. And in some applications, saves weight. So always a good call.
  8. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Coming in on a wing and a prayer.... The wing makes it. And no it is not in your head, once you hit highway speeds, downforce is a thing. Also helps on faster turns.
  9. Anyone own both a FL5 and DE5

    I guess I can see a two person family that doesn't need AWD where they live with an FL5 and a DE5.
  10. Transforming my interior with some Carbon Fiber 😋 from CarbonMyRide

    Just a play on carbon fiber - there is no 'carbon' tax for upgrading your interior. Large companies pay - and trade -carbon tax credits for emissions.
  11. Transforming my interior with some Carbon Fiber 😋 from CarbonMyRide

    Looks the business. Hope you can avoid paying the 'carbon' tax. Groan.
  12. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    That is one stunning CTR! From the wheels up.
  13. 2022 VW Golf R vs 2022 Honda Type R

    The VW is one rare exception to my 'manuals rule, the rest drool'. In the case of the VW, the manual is not their best. Porsche/Audi/VW have amazing dual clutch transmissions. Not as much fun as a good stick, but they are amazing in their own right. But I love manuals, and insist on a good one...
  14. Do you finance, lease or own your Type R?

    Financed as rates were decent at the time - 2020. Much better than today. Needed to sell the SI, and by trading saved some on the tax, and other than a token $ 500, since I was upside down on my trade, threw nothing else into the deal. COVID was keeping customers out of car dealers - and...
  15. FK8 LE Type R MSRP

    Does painting a non-LE FK8 yellow and selling it at MSRP count? :flame: JK, nobody did that...that I know of.
  16. FL5 overall range possoble recall needed

    I think Honda has a margin of error they build in to keep you from being stranded. I pulled into Costco once with my DTE showing -0-. And yet it still didn't take 12.4 gallons. or even 12. Maybe 11.4 or 11.5 gallons on a supposedly bone dry tank. Those extra 20-30 miles probably are nice to...
  17. LogR on Track

    Yeah, my 2018 is pre-facelift. Like its driver.
  18. Thoughts on the carbon fibre wing?

    Actually it does look good!
  19. LogR on Track

    I am experiencing Log R envy. Don't have that built in on the FK8...very cool.
  20. Off Center Steering wheel by design?

    Never noticed this - now I am going to have to check it out next drive.