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Search results

  1. Locking out of first gear

    yep. it just takes a few seconds and tries to throw it in 1st then im omw lol
  2. Locking out of first gear

    i have same problem, dead stop at light. I'll be sitting in neutral 3 mins or so, then when u put clutch in ALL THE WAY. I throw it over to the left a tad and when i go up into first it stops halfway i can throw it back in neutral that doesnt help. only thing ive found to combat it is, keep...
  3. White “JDM” wheels on my SGP SI

    no caps is as JAPANESE as it gets
  4. Spoon FL5 2024 Collection Drop

    i got the steering wheel and button bracket on my fe1, its 10/10 :drive:
  5. PRL Motorsports N1 Exhaust System for the 2022+ Civic/Integra are now available & shipping!

    dont forget to buy the 3" adapter like i did......... put both frontpipe and exhauts on to realize they dont mate L M A O. Its a ruff life. (also broke one of the gaskets for the FP and replacement is 4-6 weeks out)
  6. First gear completely blocked

    ive got a 22 si 37k miles and let me tell you, driver error is present in this transmission LMAO. first manual so im "still" learning but yeah ill be dead stop and 1st gear will not engage, itll throw back out of 3rd sometimes. 2nd gear is spongey. its a mess....... user error 100000%. i got a...
  7. 2022 Si, jerky in first gear?

    my girlfriend hates 1st gear in traffic lmaooo its like a shitty amusement park ride 😂
  8. Are you happy with your SI ??

    as of right now i did order prl front pipe but not sure ima put it on, i got a long long list of bolt ons waiting to be ordered. Let me tell you, those simple mods MAKE THIS BITCH MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES
  9. Are you happy with your SI ??

    11th gen si ktuner with tsp stage 1 intake exhaust all you ever need in life.
  10. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    let me tell you, i push the my 22 si to 140mph+ multiple times a week. This car is MORE than capable and is half the price of a type r. Its practical, its fast, its fun. i get 30mpg and drive like the devil is behind me! I WILL NEVER GET RID OF THIS CAR! @slowcarspecialist IG
  11. Civic Si (L15CA) Reliability

    This guys video tho EXPLAINS IT ALL. they arent the best they arent the worst imo.
  12. Orange blazing pearl oem paint SUCKS!!!!!

    ive tried and tried and tried, every time id go to bring it to a installer something either came up on my end or their end. My past 3 honda's were washed in a drive thru wash and never had ppf all cars owned for 3 years not a single damn chip on any of em. its just quite depressing there is a...
  13. Orange blazing pearl oem paint SUCKS!!!!!

    Anybody else civics only have one layer of paint on it? Havent hit 9k miles yet. I have a 3/4 inch chip on the roof, 4 to 5 1/4 - 3/4 inch chips along the front bumper, 2 more on the hood. Somone hit my rear fender with a cart or car door and its a almost bare metal 1 1/2 chip .... bare fucking...
  14. Living with the SI - First 10 Days

    hell yeah man! Love to see it, going on 2 weeks with my blazing orange Si. LOVE LOVE this car.
  15. 2022 civic Si review after first weekend

    I wasnt old enough for the good ole days :(
  16. 2022 civic Si review after first weekend

    I LOVE IT! Ive waited decades to own an Si
  17. 1.5T Catless downpipe review/test on 1.5T Civic Sport Touring

    i love a simple muffler delete , anything other than that or a catback exhaust sounds absolutely wild and way too aggressive for the car. IMO.
  18. My new ‘22 si 🕺🏼

    Finally got around to getting pictures Absolutely love this thing!