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  1. FL5 Vanity Plate Hall of Fame

    Here’s mine. Including the S2000 to give a bit of reference.
  2. 1 of the studs a bit longer than the others

    Good to know they have good customer service. It’s nice that you found out by using open lug nuts. Personally, I don’t like them. I recently bought a set and it seems like there are more open lugs selection than closed.
  3. 1 of the studs a bit longer than the others

    Apex wheels giving you lots of issues.
  4. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Had the tires mounted yesterday. Trying on these Potenza Race tires for track days. These are said to last longer than the RE but not as sticky so it would suit me for driving to and from the track. Also giving Raceseng lug nuts a try. I didn’t want to use my Rays lug nuts because I’m weird. I...
  5. LogR on Track

    Just one thing to add, by comparison to the FK8 OE tires, the PS4S is definitely better. I’m going to edit out how bad the PS4S are because it’s not being fair with the comparison.
  6. LogR on Track

    If I remember correctly I only went down as low as 30F and 28R. I was going to run these till they fall off but I changed my mind. I’m going to throw these on the car later.
  7. Anyone own both a FL5 and DE5

    I’m with you on the rarity or uniqueness. Just with about everything that I’m into, let it be watches, sneakers, even alcohol, the marketing around is about value, specialty, one of a kind. I guess that’s what a lot of consumers think about no matter what the product is.
  8. LogR on Track

    I guess my expectations and comparisons isn’t totally fair. I’ve only tracked with 200 rated tires, like the Dunlop Direzza, Bridgestone Potenza, etc. As you say, the PS4S is the better tire for its class. For me, they give out too fast. I got around 3-4 laps. I would however say that it was an...
  9. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Yup, first JDM mod that requires more than 6 months of waiti time. Insane.
  10. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Congrats? It’s a 14 months wait. I won’t see it till maybe May 2025
  11. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    I guess I’ll just turn data off and rely on Garmin Catalyst. I just thought it would be fun for the ranking. But not if I have to share data wholesale.
  12. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    How do you do that? Does that mean logR would not work?
  13. PointByPatrol #21985 Build Journal! RIP #9243

    I did try it a few weeks ago. When I was at my last track day, I noticed that I was failing in many categories.
  14. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Are you on lowered springs or coilovers? Do you feel the wing is helping you stabilize the car on turns? I’m asking because I have no intention on springs or coils because it’s still a “family car”. But I did put in an order on a Voltex wing. In my mind the downforce will help a bit in...
  15. Anyone own both a FL5 and DE5

    Guy must be popular on the internet/forums. Back in the day I remember seeing his post on getting each color of the CR.
  16. Autocannon

    Just about everyone hides their contact number (many clicks to find it) or don’t have one. It’s hard to staff and it’s an expense. Chat bots and emails is the norm across many industries.
  17. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    I see why I wasn’t quoted these because I was looking for 18”s. Forged and likely costly. 😂
  18. ItsMeNickG’s Black Beauty FL5 Build

    Are these Advan GT Beyond? If so, I was amazed at the price when I recently got quoted for a set. They cost more than the Volk CE/TE and BBS RI-A, which is what I wound up going with. They look very nice though. Maybe in the future.
  19. Best budget 18" rims and tires to fit as stock??

    Just find anything that fits your budget and to your liking. As long as its specs are 18x9.5 +38 to +55, you will be fine. Wrap it with a tire that is 265/35 and for the purpose you require.
  20. Championship White FL5 #943 Build

    The lens captures it but could you easily see it?