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  1. ► Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery

    Love the EC-7s. Alas, I already have a similar wheel lined up (and purchased) for when I eventually pick up an FK8 or FL5.
  2. Joined the club… ‘24 CW FL5

    My wife and I have His and Hers CR-Vs and honestly, after being on the fence about them for years, I have to admit they’re great cars. Honda Civics with more space, plusher rides, and a higher seating position.
  3. I got the FL5 a little friend!

    Congrats! They’re the best. And AP1 is the way to go; I’d take one over a CR.
  4. Is anyone producing a wing delete kit yet

    His subjective opinion is as valid as yours. Seems a silly bone to pick. :dunno:
  5. Is anyone producing a wing delete kit yet

    I would like to see an extended duck bill that mounts to the factory location. I think that could look pretty cool.
  6. Random first-day impressions...

    Strangely defensive. You know it’s possible to like something and still criticize it, right?
  7. Random first-day impressions...

    Former Miata owner here and current S2000 and ITR owner. It’s true, the Miata shifter is better. :dunno:
  8. 2024 Honda car and coffee

    The FL5s wearing MF10s are cool, as is the original Mugen CRX. I attended last year; it’s a great event for anyone in SoCal.
  9. 2025 Civic Refresh Announced. Hybrid Civic Sedan & Hatchback Will Launch

    Honda does indeed like their tradition! They could afford to be a bit more liberal. Haha
  10. 2025 Civic Refresh Announced. Hybrid Civic Sedan & Hatchback Will Launch

    If the hatch came in Si form with the de-tuned K20C and 10spd auto (or 6spd stick) from the previous Accord Touring, it would practically be a must-buy. It’s a shame Honda tends to be so conservative. I like the new hatch quite a bit but the Si is both stick-only and down on power compared to...
  11. Spoon Wheels with 275/35/18 Advans

    Very cool. Like it’s 1998 all over again!
  12. White “JDM” wheels on my SGP SI

    That is what I did. Very happy with the results.
  13. White “JDM” wheels on my SGP SI

    Looks great. I did the same with my AP1 wheels (center caps included) and love the look. It’s my homage to Type R.
  14. Type R/ITS vs Lexus IS500

    I still don’t believe it’s possible to test drive the Type R, but you might be able to test drive the Integra and Lexus. That could help. If you’re essentially looking for a sporty commuter, I think the naturally aspirated V8 in the Lexus would be hard to beat. 90+ hp/liter all-motor when...
  15. Anyone own a stock 04-07 STI or 03-06 EVO with the CTR? Any similarities ?

    The new cars will be better by pretty much every objective criteria. The old cars (depending on your preferences, of course) will be better by pretty much every subjective criteria. Not an owner myself but my buddy owned an ‘07 STi new and it was as raw and visceral as they come — easily...
  16. 90's Kid Dream Build

    Love the engine bay!