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  1. Here it is... The Throttle House 2022 Civic Si Review!

    Good review, hilarious intro. And of course at the end they show the stuff we don't get in the US. They love the car.
  2. The definition of insanity

    So, I saw a 2022 EX-L hatch listed online that had a ridiculous markup on it. They were pricing it at more than $10,000 over sticker. I chuckled to myself that no one would buy it. Well here's a screenshot of that very listing today... Yep. Some sucker bought it.
  3. The Smoking Tire Review: The New Civic Si is a True Enthusiast Value Proposition

    The Smoking Tire review. Includes some great driving video. Skip to the 1:35 mark to avoid the ad.
  4. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Tuning your 11th gen is definitely the single best power mod there is. A tune totally transforms the car. But what about long term, every day reliability? After all, tuning does add some additional stress. This thread will document just that as well as owners overall tuning experiences. If you...
  5. 11th gen Civic hatchback tests slower but Edmund's likes it... a lot

    7.9 seconds 0-60 is slower than the 10th hatch but Edmund's says it's the best car in its class. https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/tested-2022-honda-civic-hatchback-loses-speed-but-wins-our-hearts.html Edmunds says While the new Civic hatchback may be slower than the old one, it's still...
  6. Something not being talked about much

    The 10th gen 1.5T non-Si models (even though officially rated as less powerful than the 11th version), are in reality, much more potent than the newer version. Those nearly 8 second 0-60 times compared to the mid to high 6 seconds tests from the 10th are a massive difference. There are plenty...
  7. Some rear end comparisons

    I was driving on the road yesterday and got behind a last gen Forte and it dawned on me how the rear of that car was similar to the 11th Civic. So, I looked online and found something pretty amazing. The 11th gen Civic gen's rear is styled similar to most last gen sedans in the class. Check this...
  8. First 2022 Civic sedan driving impressions / reviews roll in

    Car and Driver https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a36732132/2022-honda-civic-sedan-15t-by-the-numbers/ Motor Trend https://www.motortrend.com/cars/honda/civic/2022/2022-honda-civic-sedan-first-drive-review/ Autoblog https://www.autoblog.com/2021/06/16/2022-honda-civic-first-drive/
  9. The "Should there be an Si hatch" Poll

    I think an Si hatch should be a no brainer for Honda, especially since they dropped the Coupe. But I just wonder with Honda streamlining the 11th gen lineup, will they only produce the Si in sedan form? Here's my ideal scenario. Honda totally mirrors the sedan lineup for the hatch. LX and Sport...
  10. 11th gen Civic lowered in rendering

    Here's a cool render I found online.
  11. Driving video: 2022 Civic Touring Sedan in Meteorite Gray Metallic

    I definitely think this car looks better in darker colors.
  12. How about an 11th gen Civic wagon?

    I just found this rendering online today and I have to say, the 11th Civic makes a sweet looking station wagon.
  13. New 2022 Civic XI Sedan Renderings (Motor1)

    Based on these patent images: https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/now-see-the-11th-gen-civic-sedan-revealed-in-patent-images.49717/
  14. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    This is just their guess but it sounds like it might be coming as 2021 model? Of course with the virus all bets might be off on that. Anyway, what do you guys think? https://www.motortrend.com/news/future-cars-honda-civic/
  15. Newest release question

    JR, I haven't downloaded the latest update yet but have a question about it. In your version history for the latest software update it says "Updated Key Off/On Process To Be Smoother". What exactly is the new key off/on process? Thanks.
  16. KTuner questions for JR: Idle speed, expanded quick adjustments

    A couple of questions. Question 1 My car has an annoying (but normal apparently) vibration when idling at a stop when warm. The easy fix is turning the A/C on to the get the idle speed up from around 600 to 700+ rpm. But it's so ridiculous to have to do that. I know I can probably change the...
  17. My Ktuner isn't working properly

    Earlier today, I hooked up my Ktuner and it kept turning on and off inside the car. Now, it only goes on for a second and then turns off and stays off when hooked up to the OBD-II port. It works fine with my computer. Could the Ktuner unit or supplied OBD-II cable have gone bad? The OBD-II port...
  18. KTuner Customer Service

    When you buy something like an ECU tuning device (unless you're already a pro), there will be a lot of questions and concerns. In my case, I was asking JR a ton of questions for months (both in the forum and in private messages). JR (Mr. KTuner himself) has always been very fast to reply and...
  19. Delete

    Please delete. Thanks.