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Search results

  1. Mileage check-in.

    Current mileage check: 4,500 happy miles here. Just seeing who is getting seat time.
  2. Anyone fully debadge the rear?

    Lost the civic badge, Type R stayed. Looks good both ways.
  3. If you had to restart, what would you do differently?

    Do a proper alignment by a performance shop. Ups the game!
  4. Trade 718 GT4 for FL5? (There is a reason for the madness...)

    Dump the X5 and get the CTR, unless you are towing the CTR is pretty handy with the hatch. I replaced my 4Runner with the CTR and it is the 4 season daily.
  5. CTR vs Z06

  6. CTR vs Z06

    Sold Z51 for Z06. Sold Z06 as I paid an unexpected ADM, got out before it hurt. Would buy another of either model.
  7. New 2023 Type R owner here with a few questions.

    1) Scroll to where mileage is viewed and press the wheel in, you should be able to access trip A and B. 2) I live in the North and purchased 18x9.5 wheels and run snow tires, I think I might get another set of 18's for the Summer when I kill the stock tires. Car just feels better on the...
  8. CTR vs Z06

    I had a new Z06. There is no comparison besides they run on gas and have tires. I love my type R, but nope. I have owned a C8 Z51 and a Z06. Both are fantastic, the base C8 is a livable usable sports car that punches above its weight class, the Z06 is more of an exotic fighter (its fast!)...
  9. Winter Wheels & Tires Setup, FL5 Type R

    I have same wheels with winter tires installed. Very pleased.
  10. Time for Type R - Casio

    I enjoy watches and have a few, this is the reason my friend gifted me this. I dig it and thankful. Type R content was the reason for the post.
  11. Time for Type R - Casio

    Yes, and not a bad match.
  12. Time for Type R - Casio

    I can see if he ordered any more.
  13. Time for Type R - Casio

    Freind of mine gifted me this Casio Edifice in Type R livery to match my car. Thought I would share.