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Search results

  1. Dealership offered under $$

    I don’t get it. This is very fair.
  2. Gotta remove front clip...Tips for NEWB?

    I agree the clips under the headlights were the most nerve wracking. My plastic push pin removal tool was actually bent at the perfect angle for me to slide in and push down on the clips.
  3. Question about Installing Rear Motor Mount

    Looks to be upside down. This is how mine sits.
  4. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Seems he got an early produced or defective unit. Luckily, my fitment was perfect. I trimmed a portion of the front air dam and brake cooling duct. Could have been cleaner cuts, but I used sheers lol. No one will ever see it anyway
  5. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    I didn't drill anything
  6. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    EVS Tow Hook installed. Was a bit of a pain
  7. EVS Tow Hooks Review

    Any fitment issues? I watched GridZilla's video on YouTube a while back and remember the fitment was really off. I've been holding off to make sure it's been corrected.
  8. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Installed the AWE Touring Exhaust!
  9. How to Remove the ECU and Ship it Off to be Jailbroken!

    A bit misleading. Thread should be renamed "how to remove the ECU and ship it off to be jailbroken".
  10. Pixelated apple CarPlay

    I can't believe it! Carplay is amazing after disabling the Navigation. I've been running Waze for 2 weeks now, flawlessly. Carplay is faster and no issues.
  11. WTB: Stock Spoiler

    Purchased. Thread can be closed. Thank you.
  12. WTB: Stock Spoiler

    Looking for the stock OEM spoiler. Mine got damaged and needs to be replaced. Do not need the risers.
  13. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    I've grown to love the DE5 pop and bang option for the FL5. Makes driving around a lot of fun.
  14. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Definitely vibration, but I like it.. Shifting feels great. I wouldn't go any stiffer for a daily.
  15. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    I'll never understand why you wouldn't just follow the maintenance minder. These are modern cars. If you keep up with their recommended scheduled maintenance and an issue occurs as a result, it would be covered. I guess if you want to waste money and do oil changes every 3k miles be my guest lol
  16. Vinyl Repair Recs

    Looks pretty damaged from where they took off the passenger venting/grill
  17. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    PRL Rear Motor Mount. Install would have been way easier if I didn't have my jack stands on their lowest level lol
  18. Vinyl Repair Recs

    when placing my pry tool under the grill it left marks in the material under it. I stopped before causing too much damage. I just leave the car in Individual with the fake engine noise off
  19. Vinyl Repair Recs

    I attempted to remove that plastic piece when I first got the car to discount the artificial engine noise. After one crease I stopped out of fear of destroying those pieces. It drives me crazy. I may try some slight heat..