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Search results

  1. Best budget 18" rims and tires to fit as stock??

    +1 highly recommend 18x9.5 size, I'm using the enkei triumphs and they work really well and are around 300 each
  2. Dealership offered under $$

    Dealerships always win
  3. FL5 Transmission Fluid recommendation

    Just a PSA, pickup 3 qts of trans fluid as 2 is not enough. Type R takes 2.3 technically. I don't know if being low by 0.3 would cause an issue, but better be safe than sorry
  4. Issues after Braided Brake Line install and Brake Bleed

    What a pita, glad you got it back to normal though. I probably need to flush my fluid out before this season but posts like this really discourage me from trying
  5. How Does Driving Experience Compare?

    Try to take your type R to a track day, you'll find that it rotates really well for a fwd car. It's never going to be rwd but for what it is, it's very special imo.
  6. I got the FL5 a little friend!

    FL5 owners are pretty brand loyal imo. We know the gems from Honda only come out every once in a while too .
  7. Reducing Under Hood and Intake Temperatures

    Aka improving your intercooler
  8. Reducing Under Hood and Intake Temperatures

    You're fine, once you start driving and open the throttle up, IAT will drop back to normal. I think the intercooler also impacts IATs, as I've noticed prolonged (>1min) wide open bursts results in IATs creeping up.
  9. FL5 Overheated on Track

    I wonder if a rear mounted turbo would help things, seems like it's in the perfect place stock to just heat the radiator up.
  10. Is it time to say hello to Type R and bye to S2000? Need Help!

    Tesla and s2k is a way better 2 car lineup then CTR and Tesla. Keep the s2k, the CTR will be available for years to come. Unless you're willing to go CTR+ s2k, but doesn't sound like it.
  11. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    I just found out that my free oil change from my local Honda dealership was with semi synthetic 0w20. Have others experienced this as well? No wonder it's free.... Changing that shit out soon
  12. Best First Mod for FL5

    Not in my experience, no. Some have stated that they feel a little more roughness at initial takeoff, but there's no concrete evidence to support it.
  13. Is it time to say hello to Type R and bye to S2000? Need Help!

    Keep both, they compliment each other exceptionally well
  14. I got the FL5 a little friend!

    Congrats! I have the same combo but an AP2.
  15. LogR oil temp not reading!!!

    Nothing mechanical at all, as that is just a calculated value. That's happened to me once our twice, usually after a full cycle off and then on again solves it
  16. FL5 Track Considerations

    If you're a beginner, you can absolutely use the stock brake setup without any issues, just make sure to do the pedal dance to turn off the rear brake vectoring. As you increase your skills, it's wise to move up to better fluid and pads for sure, but to all those track rookies who just got...
  17. JDM vs USDM Differences

    Any pictures of the JDM rear tail lights? I didn't know about that