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Search results

  1. Blitz Strut Tower Bar FL1 / FL5

    On to my third strut brace now 😂 Aesthetics wise (Blitz > Tanabe > Cusco) Sturdiness wise (Cusco > Tanabe > Blitz) In saying that this Blitz bar is way sturdier than the FK8 one they had.
  2. Gruppe M Intake finally installed on my FL5

    I used both the Blitz and GruppeM instructions when doing my install, its quite interesting how vaguely different both companies approached the install. This was my install video:
  3. Kakimoto Racing (柿本改) Class KR Exhaust

    Sorry lads, been absolutely smashed at work these days! I’ll try get a videographer friend to help with footage.
  4. The bolt cover to rule them all - 90651-S0A-003

    Mine have been pretty solid 👌
  5. The bolt cover to rule them all - 90651-S0A-003

    The many uses these genuine bolt covers have is incredible. I keep finding more places to use them 😂
  6. Kakimoto Racing (柿本改) Class KR Exhaust

    Hi mate, the exhaust is good! It’s just a tad louder than stock but I have the Apexi front pipe as well now and its still tolerable 😉 I’m very happy with the exhaust, the quality is there and the kids and wife doesn’t complain about the noise so thats an added bonus
  7. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    Let’s not be hostile yeah? I know its the same MHI turbo and it was for me cheaper than most options when landed. So going by how inferior the 💩 turbo is, Spoon let alone J’s Racing must be complete morons that don’t know what they’re doing. MHI is Japanese and OEM. Again I’m not out there...
  8. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    The scoop is quite a bit bigger. You’ll know the size difference if you put your fingers throgh the grille above the Type R emblem. The Side tube draws air from the fender area.
  9. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    Once the Spoon turbo goes in, I’ll ask my tuner if it’s all good 😉
  10. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    It was quite interesting that the shape was like the Eventuri filter but with a stainless material. Wholesale price was a lot more manageable than retail so atleast the wife isn’t complaing (for now) 😬
  11. Blitz / GruppeM Carbon Intake System

    I don’t think anyone has covered the Blitz Carbon Intake System yet. These are essentially the GruppeM without the K&N filter. Very solid system in general, loved the fact it had a secondary source of air like the FK8 Eventuri’s had. Sounds great and after 2500rpm the car keeps pulling well...
  12. Trunknet Inc Cargo net

    This cargo net is for the FK8 but fits the FL5 well. I’ve found with the FK8 and the plastic boot tray that things slid around everywhere so this cargo net really helped with this problem.
  13. Secarfun Boot Lip Spoiler

    Always liked the double wang on the FK8. This was a cheap and subtle option that works well with the black roof I have 👌
  14. Mitsuba Proud Horn - (After Market)

    Always hated the horn on the FK8 as it wasn’t forceful but the FL5 is unfortunately the same. Mitsuba is the oem horn provider for our cars so it made sense to go for their after market series. If you are removing the bumper for any reason its best to install it then!
  15. Kakimoto Racing (柿本改) Class KR Exhaust

    It already has the Apexi GT Front pipe 😉
  16. Bonnet Release Cable Rattle Fix

    Had the bonnet open with the engine on and when I was working on the car I found another rattle 😂 This one was an easy fix so do it as a preventative if rattles bother you.
  17. Centre Console - Rattle Fix

    Thank you! I’m down under in little New Zealand
  18. Centre Console - Rattle Fix

    Another day, another rattle 😂 While doing the Seeker Short Shifter I found that the centre console was very flimsy and rattly. You might as well start firming up the console best I can while it is out.
  19. Kakimoto Racing (柿本改) Class KR Exhaust

    Will try get those with a better mic setup soon!