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  1. Engine Coolants

    Interested in opinions (+&-) about radiator additives designed to lower engine temperatures. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. Track Safety Clothing / Gear

    For those who participate in sanctioned races or otherwise spend a lot of time on the track, what suits, gloves, shoes, helmets, etc. have you found best in terms of protection and comfort?
  3. Removal of exhaust resonator(s)

    Has anyone removed one or both resonators and replaced with a straight pipe? How’s the subsequent sound and performance? If both are more to the owner’s liking then it should be less expensive than a completely new exhaust system.
  4. AWE Track Exhaust

    Would appreciate hearing from those who have installed the AWE track exhaust, both pros and cons. Thanks!
  5. Recall

    From USA TODAY 2021 Civic Type R recall for front passenger seat’s weight sensor.
  6. Better (less costly) than WeatherTech

    These fit perfectly, provide full dead pedal (plus ridge line) coverage, significantly more side coverage than either OEM or other third party floor mats, and don't interfere with the clutch and/or brake pedals like some. I'm impressed, and for the cost (including the promo code "SUMMER15")...
  7. VTEC History

    See: https://www.motortrend.com/how-to/honda-vtec-engine/?lid=sdpq040p6rr8&eml=organic%3Aeml%3Abrz2&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=emaileditorial
  8. What’s Under The Hood?

    Anyone know why this (black plastic cap) is the only hole under the hood that’s plugged?
  9. Type R Wave

    While I admit to knowing (and participating) in the Jeep wave and the low motorcycle wave, I never knew there was apparently a Type R wave until this morning. On my way to TIA, a sweet FK8 pulled along side in the lane to short term parking and the driver made a hand gesture that I initially...
  10. Unsolicited & Positive Review: Tires/Wheels

    Since receiving my CTR in January, I’ve been researching wheels and tires. The decision for my next set of tires was relatively easy since I preferred to stay with 19” wheels (i.e., not a great many choices at present). After reading 50+ surveys and speaking with a nationally acclaimed expert, I...
  11. "I always feel like somebody's watching me...."

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/komando/2023/05/21/your-car-collects-data-on-you-how-to-delete-it/70220377007/?utm_source=usatoday-cars-strada&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=usatbaseline&utm_term=Content%20List%20-%20Stacking%20-%20optimized&utm_content=usat-mclean-nletter11 Is...
  12. Vehicle Names

    Chatting with friends this weekend and someone asked if anyone named their cars. We all sort of paused a moment and then he said, “You know, like Eleanor, Christine, or the Green Hornet?” Everyone laughed when a younger fellow said, “I named my C6 Lightning McQueen!” Then to our surprise...
  13. Butter Wet Wax

    Tried a new wax from Chemical Guys called Butter Wet Wax that was recommended by a friend who shows cars. I was dubious of his claims as it’s not very expensive and I’ve always used Pinnacle Sovereign, which is on the pricey side of Fort Knox. Have to admit though that the Butter Wet Wax did a...
  14. Wheel & Tire Insurance

    What’s the best wheel and tire insurance in terms of deductibles, number of claims per year, cosmetic coverage, loaner vehicle, price, comprehensive vs. collision, etc.? I got an estimate of $1,076 for seven years with no deductible etc. from a company (Fidelity) my dealership offers.
  15. Care & Maintenance of PPF & Tint ?

    My first car had front PPF applied back in 2003. The shop said to treat it just as I would the regular paint, but to use only non-abrasive wax. It lasted forever. My FL5 recently had a high-quality PPF applied and the glass tinted. What are the best ways to care for both? THANKS!
  16. Favorite meme and/or cartoon

    TGIF and time for a little levity. What’s your favorite car meme or cartoon? Here’s one some of us have lived!
  17. Roll Cage

    Has anyone come across a company offering a SCCA FL5 rollcage? Hard Dog Fabrication in Bethania, NC (?) once offered a great setup for the S2000. Cusco and M-TEC Company, Ltd., aka Mugen offered a variety too, but not (in my opinion) race worthy.
  18. I'd like my FL5 to sound like ___________.

    With the growing interests in FL5 aftermarket exhaust systems, it would be intriguing (to both customers and manufacturers) what constitutes the “ideal sound,” especially since many Type R owners have mentioned its conservative exhaust note. Listening to online exhausts just can’t do justice to...
  19. PPF Costs

    I've been debating PPF. My `06 S2000 has it over the front (hood, grill area, and fenders) and still looks as good as it did 17 yrs. ago. Close inspection shows no damage, even after driving through bug-infested Eastern NC on our way to the OBX. Everything washed off easily. My wife's car...