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Search results

  1. Mugen Hydrophilic LED Side Mirrors Installed

    I like these mirrors on any FL5 but mine. Not sure I can put a finger in why.
  2. Dealership offered under $$

    If you are a franchise dealer or anyone who deals in vehicles, you have the tools to determine a vehicle's value. There is a human level too... I may see something different than another or pick up on something someone else doesn't. Plus, we all have our own inclinations. I'll gladly go...
  3. Dealership offered under $$

    Let's be honest... It isn't. You remind me of an appraisal many years ago. The appraisal was lower than the vehicle on KBB. I don't recall the exact number. So I mentioned that our car is also less than KBB and encouraged him to focus on the difference. Well he just thought KBB was...
  4. FL5 Lowering Springs

    The body is level on the spoon springs. I notice slight reverse rake on an FL5.. full tank maybe. Fast forward to around 3:50.
  5. Dealership offered under $$

    We had a '23 FL5 (11k, "minor" damage on the carfax) that we sold to another dealer for the same number. I have to feel like someone would pay more than what OP was offered based on that.
  6. FL5 Vanity Plate Hall of Fame

    Not very creative but I'm very much into Civil War history.
  7. Spying on you?

    I read you post. I wasn't sure what to make of what you were saying. Pigface mentioned that it does not... So I simply was looking for evidence to suggest the opposite of what I suspect. Obviously I wasn't satisfied with the evidence to the contrary so I still believe my Honda was capable...
  8. Spying on you?

    @pigfacedalarm I'm definitely open to idea that it doesn't have the driver feedback. I just don't think what you've provided is evidence that it does not. I wouldn't expect it to mention driver feedback on those screens. Also your screenshot seem to be taken just before you posted. I...
  9. Spying on you?

    Would love to see anything that backs what you are saying.
  10. Spying on you?

    @Icehawk Dear Valued HondaLink Customer, We want to let you know about upcoming changes to HondaLink services. What's Changing: The HondaLink Driver Feedback Program, including the Discount Alert feature, will be discontinued on May 09, 2024. After May 09, 2024, Driver Feedback (including...
  11. Spying on you?

    The sharing of the information did happen. For that reason I also don't use HondaLink. Honda has since changed their policy as far as sharing the information. This feature was removed May 9th of this year. So Honda no longer shares that information with the insurance agencies. This practice...
  12. Best budget 18" rims and tires to fit as stock??

    Jeeze... Try a forged set from Apex.
  13. Do you finance, lease or own your Type R?

    Financed it. The plan was to finance it and have it paid for in three years. Not sure if I'll make it that long.. which is a good thing.
  14. What in your opinion is the best exhaust for the FL5?

    I can't believe I'm typing this but... Any love for Spoon?
  15. Tennessee SOLD!!!

    0% for 48 months? LMK.
  16. Pops & Bangs In FL5 Type R & Integra Type S | Hondata FlashPro Manager Latest Feature

    Pops and bangs are awful like pumpkin beer and you all should feel bad.
  17. Are there any Type R dyno results showing power output over different grades of gasoline?

  18. What in your opinion is the best exhaust for the FL5?